Kehinde & Ife’s Fairytale Love Story

If you are starting to lose interest in finding your one true love, then you should read this fairytale love story.

When Ife met Kehinde at a restaurant during a visit to his alma mater in 2014, he had no idea they would be together forever. One of his friends had invited Kehinde out for dinner and he was captivated by her beauty. He ran into her again the next day and they exchanged greetings without conversing further. 

They did not speak to each other again until 2016 when he commented on her birthday post on Instagram which she replied. They got talking again and exchanged BBM pins. The couple chatted frequently as Ife was in South Africa and scheduled to return to Abuja where he was based. Kehinde on the other hand, was at home in Akure as her school was on strike and could not meet.

When the school resumed in 2017, the couple met again and Ife found out Kehinde was in a complicated, long distance relationship with his school son from his secondary school days. Despite all odds, Kehinde was rapidly in love with Ife because of his sincerity and ability to make her smile. Ife, on the other hand was reluctant to take things further with her so he took a more laidback approach to the whole situation.

After about a month of spending time together, Kehinde asked Ife one day, “do you love me?”. He was taken aback by the question as he had initial doubts about dating his school son’s girlfriend, so he responded “time will tell.” He had a rethink about his stance as he discovered firsthand how pretty, intelligent and kind Kehinde was. Unfortunately, Ife had to return to Abuja after about 4 months of been around but they made plans for Kehinde to visit which fell through.

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In October 2018, after almost a year of zero contact with each other, Ife did put up an “Ask Me A Question” post on his Instagram Story and Kehinde replied by asking if he loves her. His response was still the same that time will tell. Although he had gotten over his feelings at that time, he didn’t want to hurt her feelings for old times’ sake as he was aware that she had been in love with him since September 2017.

They did not speak again till early 2019 when Ife who was still single contacted Kehinde and suggested a meeting. She turned him down as she was in a very great relationship and asked him not to contact her ever again. However, she reached out to him towards the end of 2019 but he was already seeing someone else. They had random phone conversation about different topics including his relationship from time to time after that. 

In August 2020, Kehinde had an interview in Abuja where Ife was living at the time and he invited her to stay at his place for a week to attend the interview. Luckily for her, she got the job but this posed as a challenge as she did not have anywhere to stay and she had to start immediately and live in Abuja for at least a month.

Ife asked what her plans were for securing accommodation and she informed him of her plan to live with someone she met at her new workplace. He was not comfortable with the arrangement so he urged her to stay with him for one more week while she worked things out. After the week was up, he noticed how unhappy she was and ended up extending the offer to an indefinite stay. Kehinde lived with him for 3 months until she moved to her own place. Ife was in a long distance relationship at that time so it was quite easy for her to live with him. Their friendship deepened over the three months and they learnt more about each other. 

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Fast forward to December, Kehinde had moved to her own apartment and Ife to his recently completed house. While she was away spending the Christmas holidays with her family in Akure, Ife’s girlfriend (his current ex) came to visit and things ended awfully. He did not inform Kehinde of this new development until she returned and she was really worried about him. She tried all her best to mend the relationship between him and his ex but Ife explained to her why things could not work. Throughout this period, she was always visiting and checking up on him to make sure he was doing well. 

Her loving and caring attitude over this period made him revisit his feelings for Kehinde and Ife came to the conclusion that he is in love with her. He explained that all her actions were soothing and perfect for him and there and then, he made the decision to start the journey to forever with her. Months after, he asked her out and that was how this love story began. It ended with them tying the knot in a spectacular wedding ceremony captured in photographs by A Square Studios.


I always say my woman is a scarce entity in this 21st century. My wife is a cool, calm, well mannered, cultured, beautiful, respectful, appreciative, disciplined and intelligent woman and I am blessed to have her.

– Ife


Groom @d.lastofmykind
Bride @mz_kennie
M.C- @officialarole
Makeup Artist- @mo_beautyfaces
Hair stylist- @zerabeauty__ 
Decorator- @adonai_events
Special effect- @adonai_events
Special Lighting – @adonai_events
Photographer- @asquarestudios
Cinematographer – @atopepeters 
Accessories- @lacharme_collections
Ushers – @events_byjnifty 
Bouncers- @events_byjnifty 
Cocktails/Fingerfoods- @boo_bliss
Grills- @boo_bliss
After-party – @theafterpartycompany
Palm wine- @elemu_igbalode 
D.J- @iamdjkaycee 
Caterer- @simtekcatering 
After party cup- @afterpartyprops
After-party company- @theafterpartycompany
After-party props- @afterpartyprops
Grooms shoe – @jniftyboutique 
Shoes and clutch- @jniftyboutique 
Musical band- @trinitybandofficial
Chilling company-  @tees_chillingservices

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Kehinde and Ife’s love story reminds us that what’s meant to be will always be. We wish the wonderful couple a blessed union.

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