25 Most Beautiful Wedding Destinations In the World.

Four Seasons, Lanai

Touring the world is one of the most popular bucket list items. Mine is typed boldly on the second line of my notepad – “see the world with boo”. To do this, however, you must remember that creative planning goes hand in hand with sacrifices of time, energy, and research.

Speaking of research, I have looked up 25 most beautiful wedding destinations around the globe. This will serve as a guide for clarity on wedding locations and perhaps inspire you if you are planning your own destination wedding.

I am particular about number 23, not just because it is in the U.S.A., but because of a personal experience, which I shared there. Fasten your seatbelts (check if boo has done so too), as I will be your guide for this tour. Let’s travel, shall we?


1. Ritz Paris.

Location: Paris, France

Paris is many things. Popularly known as the city of love and romance, it also stands undefeated as The City of Light. This location serves both indoor and outdoor functions, with beauty reflecting inside its walls and private courtyard. Ritz Paris stands out with magnificent angular views of the Place Vendôme. Its features are organized suites, spacious ballrooms and some exemplar Parisian details.

Wedding Destination Paris
Ritz, Paris

2. New York Public Library

Location: New York, USA

A wedding in a public library? No way!

I agree with you, but this is not what it looks like, believe me. When it comes to luxury weddings, The New York Public Library, as opposed to its name, is as classic as you can get. This location stands out from others, with several event spaces within the building, making it easy for guests to migrate from one space to the next. In addition, the spaces serve different purposes, be it a solemn ceremony or a jazzy party.

Wedding Destination
New York Public Library, U.S.A.

3. The White Elephant.

Location: Nantucket, MA

With the massive white elephant image standing gallantly to wow you, and your royal feet on the well-trimmed lawns, we are undoubtedly in Nantucket. If you are looking to throw an especially lavish event for your wedding, the entire resort (with room for 300 guests) is available for rent. There is also room for a wide-open reception field to suit your esteemed guests.

The White Elephant

4. Blackberry Farm.

Location: Walland, TN

This 4,200  acre size event center gives you the cowboy, hats and grass vibes. It was originally a wild blackberry bramble located in Great Smoky Mountains. Over time, it has become one of the best wedding destinations across the globe. 


Blackberry Farm

5. Taj Lake Place.

Location: Udaipur, India

This hotel sits on water! It will be correct to say that this regal and utterly romantic palace in India is one of the best. It is built with striking white marble façade with views of Udaipur, the Aravalli Mountains, and temples all around. These are some of the reasons why it is a renowned destination for intimate weddings. The Taj Lake Place has hosted previous clientele such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth.

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Wedding Destination India
Taj Lake Place, India

6. Fairmont Banff Springs

Location: Banff, Alberta, Canada

During the lockdown last year, there was a trend on Twitter about Nigerians seeking to move to Canada. Some even went as far as learning the Canadian National anthem, and adding the Canadian flag emoticon to their Twitter handles. It was during this period I found out about this place. It is known for its outdoor ambience during the summer. If those Canadian dreams are still valid, then hop on the train!

Destination Wedding Canada
Fairmont Banff Springs

7. The Frick Collection

Location: New York. USA

This grand space is an internationally recognized museum and research center known for its paintings, sculpture and decorative arts. This means you have enough room to play with colors. You can decorate to taste, or even opt for a themed wedding.

The Frick Collection

8. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Located in the heart of Miami, Florida; this wedding destination with its assortment of pools, gardens, museums, and restaurant options gives room for variety. You can plan a pool wedding, as this will give you a view of the water, either beside it or on it with boats. If not, you can opt for a garden themed wedding.


Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

9. El Gouna

Location: Egypt

El Gouna is a contemporary seaside resort located in Egypt. As seen, it is one of the romantic wedding destinations in Africa. Lagoons, coral reefs, sandy beaches and a vast water body adorn it.

Destination wedding Egypt
El Gouna, Egypt

10. Ashford Castle

Location: Cong County, Mayo, Ireland

I call this place the green and grand. This 800 year old castle has 83 bedrooms and suites, and can seat 200 people comfortably. It also has a lakeside overview which will be perfect for your dream destination wedding.

Wedding Destination Ireland
Ashford Castle, Ireland

11. Villa Balbiano

Location: Ossuccio CO, Italy

This poses as one of the most pristine wedding destinations ever. The first things that will catch your attention are the well-manicured lawns, and the carefully chosen color blends. The architectural idea is purely English-inspired.  Beautifully appointed guest lounges, and an indoor and outdoor pool for leisure accentuate this location.

Villa Balbiano

12. Dorado Beach

Location: Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Have you ever been to a place as refined and exquisite like the Dorado beach? This beautiful wedding destination also houses a hotel where tourists can lodge and unwind. If you ever visit, take time to enjoy the savory Puerto Rican dishes and cocktails.

Dorado Beach

13. Hotel du Cap -Eden – Roc

Location: Antibes, France

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It is no news that this is a place for enjoyment at its peak. A perfect fit for any exclusive French event, this 5-star space takes the privacy of its guests seriously. It features a narrow alley guarded by gardens on both sides of it, extending down to a body of water.

14. Aman Venice

Location: Venice, Italy

What is the pictorial representation of poise if not this piece of art? This breathtaking structure displays works of art, architectural perfection and an easy charm in which lovers get entrapped for a picture-perfect wedding.

15. Ballyfin.

Location: Laois, Ireland

Just like in the romance novels – the ones with the highlander in a dusty black coat walking through the foot of the mountains- the luxury buildings are set right here. The short trees emphasize the elegance and tradition. This wedding destination is ideal for a mini wedding.

16.  Nizuc Resort and Spa.

Location: Cancun, Mexico

Welcome to Mexico! The resort and spa is only ten minutes from the airport. This resort is conducive for both large and small weddings. It consists of pools, gardens, picture-worthy relaxation spots, beaches and a lavish spa.

17. Four Seasons Ocean Club.

Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Bahamas is one of the reckoned countries when it comes to bliss locations. The Four Seasons Ocean Club provides you with the option of a classic beach wedding. The standard service gives you another reason to appreciate this lovely wedding destination.

Four Seasons Ocean Club

18. Daughters of the American Revolution Hall

Location: Washington DC

What are two words that come to mind when you see this location? For me, it is both exquisite and grand. There is the effect that a combination of white and gold pulls – if this is what you choose, of course. The chandeliers made of crystal, and the adorning garlands contribute to the flawless outlook.

19. Haiku Mill

Location: Maui, Hawaii

This is perfect for an outdoor wedding, with no salt water gushing over your feet. It has the feel of natural elegance because the beautiful island shore surrounds it.


20. The Little Nell.

Location: Aspen, USA

Have you heard of the wedding on the mountain? That is what the Little Nell brings to mind. This iconic spot is one of the most stunning settings for a wedding ceremony in all of Colorado. The Aspen Mountain has an elevation of 11,212 feet, where your guests will move through to reach your ceremony. Thrilling, right?

The Little Nell

21. Aynhoe Park

Location: Aynhoe, UK

If you are looking for a wedding destination that lights up even better in the summer, consider Aynhoe Park. It adorns your wedding event with sizzling serenity effortlessly. The sight of the sun rays kissing the grandeur adds to the magic of the place.

Aynhoe Park, United Kingdom

22. Four Seasons Florence

Location: Florence, Italy

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Oh! Here is another four seasons; same name, different location. The Four Seasons Florence is located in the city center and can host about 500 guests at once (the biggest venue). To enjoy this place, plan dinner outside in the gardens or indoors at the Convention, an ancient church inside the property turned into a great hall.

Wedding Destinations in Italy
Four Seasons, Florence

23. Pelican Hill

Location: Newport Beach, California

So to my story (inserts ROTFL emoji, because…) my crush in SS1 wrote me a letter that we were going to be married in a few years, added the wedding destination, and concluded with the three magic words. Don’t bother guessing where he promised to take me.

Since then, California has been my dream-wedding destination. In case you are asking, I do not know where he is on the face of the planet. Nonetheless, the resort at Pelican hill is classy, dreamy and modern. It has won the hearts of many couples as the perfect spot for coast weddings.

Pelican Hill, U.S.A.

24. Domaine de Andèols

Location: Saint Saturnin-les-Apt, France

At this location, you experience something special and uncommon.  The wedding location is a tree top. Here, the attendants serve fresh and local products at a suspended terrace. The smell of the lavender fields is one of the reasons you will never want to leave. As regards booking, it is advisable to reserve a certain number of rooms for up to 60 guests to be sure that they are well catered for.

Domaine de Andeols

25. Four Seasons, Lanai.

Location: Lanai City, Hawaii

With numerous private indoor areas for events, the number of guests and time of year help determine which area is best suited for you. Four Seasons, Lanai is perfect for a destination wedding, or even your honeymoon.

Four Seasons, Lanai

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