6 Steps You Need to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

hiring a wedding planner

A wedding is one of the most memorable day of a person’s life. Everyone wants a picture perfect wedding. But planning a wedding is not like planning a regular party. It’s different. Sometimes couple finds it very difficult to plan their wedding. This is why many couples consider hiring a wedding planner to help them pull off the biggest party of their life without a glitch. But before hiring a wedding planner there are few things that you need to know and sort out. Otherwise, the plan of hiring a wedding planner can backfire to you.

You and your fiancé are in same page

What’s your fiancé’s opinion about a wedding planner? Make sure you take his/her opinion. Hiring a planner will cost you some money. So you need to know how much you can spend overall. If you and your fiancé are totally agreed then make a budget plan and start hunting your wedding planner.

Get to know each other       

First thing first. Visit the potential planner’s office in person or gather information through their website. See the photos of recent weddings they’ve done to help narrow down your list. This will give you an idea about their working style and experience. Also look for information about their reputation, clients they’ve worked with, any award they’ve received and membership in professional associations. If you are happy with all this then you can move forward and make contact with the Wedding planner.

Know their Services    

When you made up your mind contact with the planner and arrange a meeting. Ask for their services as it’s not always clear from their website. Tell them to explain their services, what they can offer; what are their pricing regarding different services. This information will help you to gauge whether they’re within your price range or not. Moreover, if you don’t set a budget yet, it can give you an idea of what your budget should be.

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Share your idea   

It’s your wedding. So you must have some idea or special plan for your wedding. After listening to their services, see if they match your plan and requirements. If not share your idea with them. Hear what they say about your idea and see if they can make adjust with your plan. If they can organize the wedding according to your plan then start talking about terms and condition or look for other wedding planner and start from the beginning.

Examine the terms and conditions        

I see you have chosen your wedding planner, Congratulation. But don’t forget to examine the terms and condition before making the final deal. Because, it is the most important, and very tricky part of hiring a wedding planner. Once the contract has been drawn, ensure that all the services mentioned during the discussions are included. Also, see what’s their terms and conditions for those services. Don’t forget to overlook the fee structure and see if you are paying extra for a service that includes the vendor service. Reviewing the terms and conditions will make sure that you avoid any miscommunication with your wedding planner and have a hustle free wedding day.

Sign the deal         

Once you are happy with everything the wedding planner has offered, call them sign the contract and pay the initial deposit. Now you have your right-hand man/woman for your wedding. Give him/her the instruction and he/she will plan and execute it.


There are a lot of wedding planners with experience and great reputation. That does not mean that you can choose any of them and they will organize the perfect wedding for you. You must make sure that the wedding planner is a good fit for you and your wedding that you are dreamt of.

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This guest post is written by Jhon Smith. He is a writer at The Admirable Crichton. They are a celebrated event designers, caterers and Wedding Planners in London.

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