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Dresses By Dollhouse Bridesmaids

Though we’ve long deviated from the original function of bridesmaids at weddings, we can’t deny how important bridesmaids are. In the past, bridesmaids dresses were designed to be similar to the bride’s to confuse evil spirits and vengeful suitors. They also played important roles in planning the wedding and getting the bride ready to walk down the aisle.

Nowadays, bridesmaids don’t have to wear matching dresses (thank goodness) or dress up like the bride. However, some vital roles like being at the bride’s beck and call still stand till today. 

Bridesmaids bring a lot of color and beauty to weddings and it is usually a great honor to be chosen to be a bridesmaid. At most weddings, bridesmaids are required to wear dresses of the same color; and sometimes, the same style. 

In recent times, however, bridesmaids are starting to rock dresses of the same color in different styles. This is more feasible as a typical bridal party is made up of three or more bridesmaids. These different women can never possess the same build and physique, which explains why it is important for each bridesmaid to choose a style that is most flattering to her physique. 

Asides how well a dress suits your body type, every bridesmaid should also choose a style that feels comfortable as you will spend a lot of time walking, dancing and being at the center of attention. 

Here are some of the most beautiful and scintillating bridesmaid dresses we have seen this year:


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