5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Caterer

Hiring a wedding caterer is not an easy feat. Making the right choice of catering service goes a long way in ensuring the success of your wedding. There are so many factors to be considered before making a decision. A good caterer must not only be well versed in the art of making tasty meals but also be experienced at predicting and handling likely problems related to food and catering at your wedding. Before considering any caterer for your wedding, look out for the following skills:

1. Excellent Culinary Skills:

The first thing you should consider when hiring a wedding caterer is the person or organization’s culinary skills. You should be able to determine how versed they are in creating dishes that are not only tasty but also visually appealing. The food to be served at your wedding should not only look good but also taste excellent. If you are hiring your wedding caterer via social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, look out for how they present the food, how diverse their menu is and of course; customer feedback.

Egusi soup by Chef Rowh

2.  Ability To Deliver Under Pressure:

Pressure is almost inevitable when it comes to food at weddings, especially in Nigeria. A lot of guests are there for the food and would do anything to get served. Some guests even attend parties with the intention of eating multiple servings of food. If there are no rules in place, the guests will disorganize your wedding caterer. To ensure decorum and even distribution of food, you must hire a wedding caterer that is highly coordinated, well versed at controlling crowds and also able to remain undaunted in cases of extreme pressure.

3. Good Hygiene:

Your wedding will be the talk of town (not in a good way) if all your guests end up with diarrhea after eating at your wedding. Before hiring a wedding caterer, inspect their kitchens and utensils to be sure that they meet your hygiene standards. Ask them how they intend to maintain sanitary conditions at the event and ensure they have everything they need in place. If you are dealing with a professional, they will probably have it all figured out but you still need to double check.

Now that we have established the basic skills a good wedding caterer must possess to even be considered, let us move on to the vital questions to ask them before hiring.

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1. How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of service will include the overall cost of food, logistics of getting the food to the venue, wages for the waiting staff and the caterer. This is the first relevant question to ask your wedding caterer because every other thing depends on it. Knowing how much the caterer is charging allows you know if it fits into your wedding budget. It would also let you know if there is a need to adjust the menu as this largely influences how much your caterer will charge.

After establishing the cost, you can negotiate with the caterer by providing some things. If the caterer is charging you extra because they are cooking the food on-site, you can suggest preparing some things off-site to lower the cost. You can also decide to replace the more expensive items on the menu with cheaper alternatives.

2. Are You Licensed or Certified?

Hiring a caterer that is certified is important because they take lessons on food safety and the right way to prepare and serve food. It would be of great advantage that your wedding caterer is certified to prevent unprofessional issues. You should also ensure that they are licensed to serve alcohol. In rare cases of complaints such as food poisoning, you can hold a licensed catering company responsible for any damages incurred in the course of service.

3. Do You Offer Samples For Tasting?

No matter how good the meals look on pictures or display, always request samples for tasting. This is most important especially when it is your first time doing business with that particular caterer. It is important to taste the food before hiring a wedding caterer because it gives a good idea of the quality of food. During the food tasting, you also get a chance to make changes regarding the menu. You can swap dishes you do not like and replace them with your preferred choice.

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Caterers that offer food tasting usually make the best meals. This also shows that they are confident in what they have to offer. A good catering company should not hesitate to send you samples. Food tasting is one of the fun aspects of hiring a caterer.

4. What Is Your Area Of Specialization?

Before you hire a caterer, you should be aware of the area where he/she specializes in. Local and oriental dishes are as different as night and day and you have to be sure your caterer knows what they are doing. A caterer that specializes in African dishes cannot cater for a French-themed event.

Find out if your caterer’s specialty includes the type of food you want on your wedding menu. You should always hire a caterer who understands and can create the type of dishes you want for your event.

5. Can I See Reviews And Feedback From Previous Clients?

Request to see reviews from your caterer’s previous clients before you commit. This will assure you of their suitability. Customer reviews give you an idea of whom you are working with, as well as their abilities and weaknesses. In addition, it simplifies the decision making process.

If you are hiring a caterer via a social media platform, search for customers they have worked for before to know the quality of the service delivered. If what they promise corresponds with what they say, you are good to go. Regardless of the source, always seek customer reviews and feedbacks.

The size of your wedding should influence your choice in hiring a caterer. Weddings catered to by a well-experienced caterer usually turn out to be top-notch.

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It is always advisable to establish the amount you are willing to spend in food in your budget before hiring a wedding caterer. You should also consider the space available at the venue for the caterer and make sure they can work with it.

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