Types Of Gele And Their Names| Video Tutorial

Gele is a kind of a head wrap which is usually complemented by Buba – long sleeved blouse, and Iro – wrapper which is worn with the Buba. We woul look at types of gele and their names. Gele never goes out of fashion.

Mainly, it is usually the same colour as the Nigerian attire. Gele may come in different variations -you could have a simple scarf or a peacock style.

Gele styles in Nigeria are mostly widespread among Yoruba and Igbo tribes.

Since pre-colonial times, Yoruba women love to wear these on their head. Gele was an addition to the traditional Nigerian outfit.

There are Gele tying styles that look really outstanding:

Couture Gele

Casual Gele

Infinity Pleats

Flowery Umbrella


Bling Gele

Perfect Rose


Side Rose

These are some popular types of gele.

watch a tutorial:

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