(PHOTOS)Where the West and the East merge by the waters of cupid.

The arrow of Cupid fears no tribe nor race nor country. this time and yet again it has struck two hearts from two different Nigerian tribes. love story below.

When I was 13years old, I always wondered who my husband will be.
I had envisioned the wedding but couldn’t place the man. How would he look? Would he be gentle? Will he allow me be myself? Will he be God-fearing like Daddy?

I am Daddy’s Princess but will my husband treat me as one……..it’s funny because I was a child but I knew what I wanted.

Over the years, I started to think maybe I was in Lala land at 13 and maybe Life was tougher than I thought and maybe I wasn’t destined to have a good man….and then July 2015 happened, and I met this man.

The rest they say is history….. has it been easy? Nope!…Is he perfect? Nah fam! But every single day, it gets clearer to me that God has a plan for me, I also understand why we were destined to meet. Two and a half years down and we haven’t killed each other  but our Love has grown every single day… and baby I will choose you over and over again because you are everything and more than I could imagine even at 13

Photo @klalaphotography
Makeup @makeupbychinny
Dress @coverbyhamdi
Bride @c.duchess



Amazing pre-wedding photos below.

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