Karimat & Muhideen Pre Wedding Photos

karimat and muhideen pre wedding

If you think these pre wedding photos of Karimat & Muhideen are stunning, how they met will surprise you even more. Who would have thought of finding their soulmate in an electronic store? Nobody right, but Muhideen did.

Karimat was all smiles as she shared their love story with us:

How Karimat & Muhideen Met:

And it all started on the 25th March 2015 in my father’s store. Mr. M with his uncle walked in to get electrical appliances, I didn’t know Mr. M had sighted a fine girl 😁😁. He walked up to me, greeted me and asked for my name which I told him. He also asked which school I was in, I told him. He said he studied at UI( in my mind I was like mstcheww this proud stupid Uite; I hated the school because they didn’t give me admission 🙈)

He later asked for my number which I declined. I wrote the receipt for their purchase and wrote my name in the designated space for the sales manager before giving him the receipt. Funny enough I was not supposed to write my name in the receipt but I already did.

I later got a friend request from Mr. M on Facebook 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. ( but is this brother cursed? I thought in my mind) yet I accepted the friend request and we started chatting. I am a fan of having male friends, though have always wanted a male friend it was easy to get along. My phone got spoilt during that time so I used my dad’s phone to call him some times. I wasn’t feeling anything for him at that point sha.

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When I went back to school, Mr. M asked if he can come for a visit and I agreed.  He came around and we talked and all, his first visit happened to be a bad one though for personal reasons. Ever since then we became 5&6 even though at first I told him we can only be friends.

Alhamdulilah you walked into our store to get electronics. I always pray to love you more and more because you are indeed a rare gem 💎. Thanks for coming into my life darling. As we start our marital journey, may Allah subanallah watahallah bless us and protect us from the evil eyes. You walked into my life as a stranger and now you own every bit of my life.

The Proposal

Muhideen proposed to Karimat on the 5th April, 2021 and here is Karimat’s account of how it happened:

On this day on my way to the airport to catch a flight from Ibadan to Abuja.  While he was driving, I was brainstorming what I will tell my commander at work the following morning because I was meant to be at work at 8 the following morning but I couldn’t  meet up with 6 o’ clock train Abuja to Kaduna. So I had to book against following morning  to Kaduna. He made jest of me that I was planning to lie to my commander. I noticed he tried to fix the phone holder so he can make a video of us. I wasn’t expecting it to be a proposal though, we did videos.

On getting to the airport, he parked and asked me a question  which was, “ARE YOU READY FOR MARRIAGE?” and I replied, “Yes, I think I’m ready.”

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Then he said, “you think?” to which I responded, “I’m ready.” I tried packing my stuffs out of the car so I can check-in and he asked the big question, “WILL YOU MARRY ME ????”. Of course man, I will marry you dear. I got a diamond 💎 ring for my engagement.

Credits – #MKLove21

Karimat ❤️‍🔥 Muideen
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