Plan Your Wedding

First of all, before we start to plan your wedding, Team Naija Cupid Weddings officially congratulates you on your engagement and your upcoming wedding. We would love nothing more than to feature your wedding proposal story with pictures, if you don’t mind, so kindly take a few minutes to fill out. We believe no love story should go untold.

To plan you wedding we would love to be your planner-in-crime and your guide throughout your wedding planning up to your honeymoon, as we are aware of the stress and how crazy it can get. We take you to be our planner partner, we promise to guide you through the stress of having to plan your wedding, through the wahala and screaming, the budgeting and the bargaining, from the beginning to the end. (Hey! It’s never too early to start practicing your vows. Yaaay!)

Plan Your Wedding

The first thing we would like to ask you to do is relax, don’t fret! Take 3 deep breaths, in and out. Ready?

We know as a bride-to-be and recently engaged, these will be questions running through your mind. Such as:

  • Now that I am engaged, what next?
  • Where do I start planning the wedding?
  • What is the very first task to do?
  • What should I book first?

Team Naija Cupid Weddings would answer all these questions and more, we have put together a set of tools, guides and templates that you can download for free, right now to get you started.

Organization Is Key

Even if you are considering hiring a wedding planner to plan your wedding, you still need to stay organized and stay on top of the planning the entire time. We know you want everything to be detailed just like you have imagined it and nothing must go wrong, but there are too many details and issues for you to handle all on your own personally. You cannot afford to turn into a bridezilla, not when you are meant to be thinking happy thoughts and staying positive up until the wedding. So staying organized will go a long way in helping you keep your sanity and stay positive, right from the beginning up until you are walking down the aisle.

We are keen to help you in the aspect, so we have created several blog posts, pages and free ebooks to teach you and keep you on track. The major sections that will help you get started are listed below.

  • Are you engaged yet? We love sharing stories and moments that would last a lifetime. Tell Us every single detail on how he proposed and we love pictures too.
  • Now that you have shared your story with us, you and your spouse-to-be need to fill out this questionnaire for the wedding planning, to not only get both of you on the same page but also to help you pick your wedding style, design and budget.
  • The page we have created has all our free eBooks, templates and checklists. You can print some of them out and share with your bridesmaids, relatives and even your wedding planner, if you have one.
  • You should also work towards completing the wedding to-do lists.
  • We have a printable wedding budget worksheet for you to download also before you start paying for any service, as this would help ensure that you are on the right track an you don’t overspend. Are you working with a budget and you want to know how much a small Nigerian Wedding would cost? Even if you are not on a budget and you want to go all out with no expense spared, you still need our wedding budget worksheet to guide you.
  • We also have an EBook on examples of wedding budgets for 5 different Nigerian Weddings based on various guest list sizes.
  • Are you just starting out or are you in the middle of your wedding planning? Whichever it may be, our Essential Wedding Planning Checklist FREE Download Ebook has got all the information you need to stay on top of your game, be sure to check out our wedding planning category from time to time as we never stop updating you.
  • Ensure you download all tools that you need and are relevant to you. By the way, you have nothing to lose, they are FREE.

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Get Started Now

Never put off with can be done today for tomorrow.

Time is of the essence and we don’t want to want to waste one more minute as we have to plan your wedding. Yaaaaaaaaay!! Our wedding planning category has a ton of ideas, tips and trends on how to make sure your dream wedding comes to past exactly the way you have imagined it. We also have a lot of tips on food, makeup, bridesmaids, aso-ebi, colour patterns, décor, photography, groom, groomsmen and a whole lot more. We recommend that you share the posts and guides relevant to them.

Are you courting, soon to be married or already married? The Cupid Counsel category is also for you. This is a guide to prepare you for the marriage life and to help you deal with real life marriage problems and live a happy post-marriage life. Getting married is one thing but staying married is a whole different ball game. Marriage is not as simple as most people think, as stats show that over 60% of marriages end in divorce. We work towards helping you to stay happily married, which is really the essence of weddings and all the glam that comes with. Our Staying Married category helps you deal with the issues married couples face together.

Do you want to talk about a topic, share a story or share a particular issue and want us to blog about it, while sharing advice from not just us but from the Naija Cupid Community, that would be of help? Then send us a mail and let Naija Cupid help you. Remember, a problem half shared is half solved.

You can also get inspiration from our Weddings category, where real wedding are featured. Get to see photos and ideas for both traditional and white weddings. New weddings and photos are posted every day.

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Happy wedding planning!