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Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement

You would have to take a second look to really confirm, if it was Falz or not. That’s what we thought too when we first receive the pictures from our very own talented Damilola Onafuwa. Well, Falz ‘the bahd guy’ didn’t get engaged, its was KetOxygen who did. This is the story of Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement.

Kehinde Hassan, also known as KentOxygen just got engaged to the love of his life, Funmi recently and are their story is about to be told beautifully in the pictures, that were captured by @doweddings  and you are about to see.

​Here’s a of Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon; December 2003.  I went visiting my friend at his church and just at the choir stand I saw two girls singing and smiling.  One was tall, the other was short. The tall girl caught my attention because she was very beautiful, her smile was like a shiny star and she also looked very much like a friend of mine. Her name is Oluwafunmilayo. Quickly I made enquiries and was told she wasn’t my friend’s sister and was a very decent girl.  The following year,  we became really good friends. Would always visit her at her mother’s shop.

2006 September,  I visited her as usual at her mother’s shop. Behold her mother went south on me and told me to stop coming to visit her because she needs to focus on her studies as she just gained admission into the university.  I was shocked but said nothing. Funmi and I stopped talking for a while but we couldn’t hold it so we got back to talking.
I decided to ask her out and told a close female  friend of mine. She talked me out of it and told me how one of our friends tried asking Funmi out and Funmi embarrassed him. So I went for another girl.

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2009, while I was in a relationship,  I still wanted Funmi, so I told her my feelings. She told me I had to leave the girl I am saying before she could say yes to me but indecision rocked my entire system and so I did nothing.  Funmi went on to dating another guy who was my friend. I was felt bad but knew well that I could not eat my cake and have it.

Fast forward to 2013, I was eventually single, she had broken up with my friend so I asked Funmi out and told  her how much I wanted her. Unfortunately she was in a relationship and would not break up the relationship because all seemed to be going in well.  Urghhhh. I resigned to faith.

May 29th 2014, my birthday, I was home alone. Funmi came to celebrate with my twin and I. We took pictures and watched movies together. The thought of asking her out came to me again. I immediately cautioned myself from it because she already told me she didn’t want to have any relationship after eventually breaking up with her bf.

Two days later, on her way from work, she decided to just come stay with my twin and I for the rest of the day. At about 10pm, we were in the room together and my mind wouldn’t let me rest. It was as if if I didn’t ask her out that, I wouldn’t survive the night so I said it the way I could, in a very not composed way. Am sure that was the worst ‘toast’ I ever did in my entire life.

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After saying my jargons, she smiled and said. “Keeenny.” Immediately, I jumped up, ran out of the room to cool off.  Where I was seated, a voice came to me saying ‘It is settled’.
The following morning,  as I was about going out, she told me we would talk later about it. We later talked about it and the rest is history. A story that now results in spending the rest of our lives together.
Awww, doesn’t that just make you feel all lovey dovey inside, like you have butterflies all over. Get to see all the beautiful pictures below. Enjoy!
Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement
Kehinde & Funmi’s Engagement
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