7 Tips For Attending Your Ex’s Wedding

Choosing to attend your ex’s wedding should be solely your decision. You should never let yourself be bullied into doing so. To be honest, exes are like toddlers. Almost everyone has them but it is not advisable to invite them to your wedding because you don’t know what to expect.

As the bride- or groom-to-be, you decide if an ex gets an invitation to your wedding. Attending your ex’s wedding is not uncommon these days. Prince Harry, Justin Bieber and Angelina Jolie all had their exes at their weddings.  The way you handle the situation depends mainly on your spouse and how you feel about your ex.

If you choose to attend your ex’s wedding, you may feel weird. Seeing them walk down the aisle and saying “I do” to someone else is may even feel weirder. If you’ve maintained a positive relationship with your ex, it’s not unusual for you to be included in their big day. These tips will help you enjoy the occasion without any drama or doubts:


Don’t Try To Steal The Show:

If you feel yourself trying to take attention away from the couple at any point, take a step back. Think about why you are trying to steal the spotlight. If you are dedicated to being a good friend to your ex, make sure to check yourself and your actions throughout the day.

Also, make sure that you are being a good friend and guest. Being at an ex’s wedding is never an easy situation to be in, especially if you are still processing your own feelings, but if staying friends with your ex is a priority for you then following this guideline will help you maintain that friendship beyond their wedding day.

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It’s Not An Occasion To Make Your Ex Jealous:

If you feel the need to bring a date for the sole purpose of making your ex jealous, then that’s a sign that you are probably NOT over your ex.

They might be annoyed knowing this is a manipulative move. Chances are that they might not even care – they are getting married to someone else!

Asides losing face in front of your ex when they find out, your date may end up feeling used. Also, your ex and their partner will be stuck catering for an extra guest that no one really knows that well.

Don’t Be Too Affectionate:

You don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable, neither do you want to pass across the wrong message. Even if you have the kind of relationship where you can hug for 15 seconds without either of you thinking it’s weird, skip those long embraces on their wedding day.

Look Happy, Even If You Are Not:

Feign that smile. Create a facade of happiness if you must. No one wants to relate with a bitter heart, especially during a bitter person.

Don’t look sad, mad, or emotional. If you think you’ll be any of these things, don’t go. Act happy, and remember, your ex might be getting married, but who cares? You’ve got a whole world full of great men and women out there just waiting to snatch you up.

Congratulate Their Partner:

It is important to congratulate them. You don’t want to act bitter and sad. It is, therefore, important not to forget to congratulate the partner they are getting married to. Also, compliment their good looks.

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They may feel a little funny about celebrating her wedding with one of their partner’s exes, so complimenting them would reduce the tension and make them comfortable. It would show how happy you are for them. But don’t overdo the friendliness because it can feel forced.

Don’t Bring Up Your Former Relationship:

In addition, do not bring up your former relationship. It may be tempting to comment on how they used your song as their first dance song or how they’re going to Hawaii for their honeymoon. It may be difficult knowing that both of you used to make plans to travel there together. Even if your comments are innocent, someone who doesn’t know that you are over them can perceive them differently than you intended.

Be Sociable:

Be sociable at your ex’s wedding. It’s a great time to meet new people and show that you’re courteous, mature, and respectful. Thank the wedding party for having you and try to make some new friends after. Who knows, you just might meet your soulmate there too. 

If you feel doubtful about attending, you should listen to your intuition and don’t. if it is also compulsory for you to be there, then you may also want to devise a backup plan in case you start feeling awkward. Have a friend with whom are attending, create a designated “code word” that you can say to them when you feel like leaving.

If you’ve ever attended an ex’s wedding, we’d love to hear what tips you have to share.

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If you got an invite to your ex’s wedding, do you think you would go?

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