5 Simple Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home in 2021

Simple Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day
Simple Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Thinking of throwing in the towel and skipping Valentine’s Day celebration this year? With people losing their jobs and salaries being restructured, we won’t judge you for wanting to cut down your expenses. Splurging on a romantic getaway for you and your spouse or eating out at a fancy restaurant is not a bad idea if you can afford it. If you cannot, however, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your partner and still make it memorable.

Asides the cost implications of doing “Her View, My View” at your favourite hangout spot, think about the health implications. It would be pretty hard to get lovey-dovey while staying en garde against the infamous virus. Before you hit us with the “Love is to be celebrated” argument, understand that we are absolutely in favour of celebrating love every day and on Valentine’s Day. All we are saying is you can celebrate love in grand style without breaking the bank.

If you are interested in spending a romantic day at home with your boo, check out these ideas for a special Valentine’s Day celebration:

Breakfast In Bed

Simple Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Nothing beats waking up to soft music and your favourite breakfast meal specially curated by the one you love. It does not even have to be the typical full English breakfast, especially if your spouse is very Nigerian. It could be something as simple as fruit salad, their favourite beverage and toast or pancakes. Another way to pull this off is by ordering a breakfast buffet tray and having it delivered to you. Rack up some extra points by adding a love note, heart-shaped balloons or some flowers. Food is always a way to go to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.

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Movie Marathon

It’s a good thing that Valentine’s Day 2021 falls on a Sunday. You can simply grab your partner and some snacks, sit in front of your television and make it a movie marathon. Whether it’s Netflix and chill, Amazon Prime, your favourite series or even old movies you both love; a good time is guaranteed. Shake things up at some point by popping a bottle of your favourite wine or bubbly. Don’t get us started on the cuddles and kisses you get to sneak in along the line while you two snuggle up.

Time Travel

Loving another person changes us in so many ways. Most times, we cannot see these changes unless we step back and view things from a neutral viewpoint. If you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, then it might be is a good time to take a trip down memory lane. Dig out old pictures and videos of both of you together and try to figure out how you have evolved, individually and as a couple. Talk about how you met; your goals, dreams, achievements and interests then and now. Your plans for the future should not be left out, you can even try making a vision board together. Give compliments when due, be gentle with criticisms and try to be as honest as possible. This activity, although high risk; would help strengthen your bond, inspire you with how far you have come together and make you be more intentional about improvements.

Spa At Home

Simple Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Self-care is always a good idea and self-care with someone you love is a far better idea. If your partner is always feeling stressed out, you definitely need to try this. You would need some nice, slow music to set the mood. Make sure there are clean towels, massage oils and a chilled bottle of wine with glasses within reach. Light some sweet-smelling candles while the bath fills and throw in some bath bombs. When everything is set, help your partner undress and get them settled in. Make a show of undressing and joining them. Soak in companionable silence or make small talk. Follow this up with a light massage. The goal is to give them the gift of relaxation.

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Romantic Dinner Date

The only love sincerer than the love of food is the love between two people who love good food. Cooking with your spouse can be a fun activity. Plan the menu for a romantic dinner for just the two of you. To make things easier, you can have some of the food items prepped in advance. Music is always a good idea so you must have a nice playlist going. Even if your partner sucks at cooking, involve them by assigning simple tasks. Light touches, kisses and regular eye contacts will keep you both connected while you cook.

Simple Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

If you and your partner are not so keen on cooking, you can simply order your favourite foods and bond over setting the right ambience for your romantic dinner. Involve them in every decision pertaining to the dinner, from the choice of silverware to the colour of napkins. Bring out the expensive china, the ones you reserve for important guests. Keep the conversation light and use your body language to convey how much they mean to you. Pay attention and listen without interrupting.

Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home with Your Partner

No matter what idea you decide to execute for Valentine, we are certain that your partner would not forget in a hurry. It would even be more fun if both your schedules were free enough for you to do everything on this list.

We’ve got you covered too if you are single and thinking of how to spend the day.

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As you celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year, bear it in mind that love is more about gifts but giving and receiving can be interpreted in so many ways.

Which of these would you be trying? Tell us in the comments section.

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