Kayan Mata! The Load Of Women. Part 2

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Still on the Kayan mata issue, here are some types of Kayan mata.

Gindin Ayu

Then, there is the more sophisticated high end one which is recommended after you have been married, or intend to keep a particular man. This is not a daily dosage, depending on the demand for its effectiveness, it can be used either bi-annually or annually. It is called « gindin ayu » this is made from a particular water animal which is extremely difficult to find and very expensively sold when caught because of its multiple benefits. The « ayu » is a particular animal found in water which is very hard to describe, it is not a fish and only found in fresh waters. It has very peculiar mating habits in the sense that when it comes in contact with a female, it stays glued to her vagina for weeks and sometimes even months to no end, and when they finally let go of each other he will seek no other female but her..alas! what is prepared from that « gindin ayu » does the same thing to your spouse. He/she will find no other partner as sexually appealing, sweet, and gratifying as you. The effect can result to extreme possessiveness, high sexual and physical contacts which cannot be satisfied by any other person except you. You have to be really sure you want to do this and are married before you will be given it. Even in loss of a spouse the other partner finds it difficult to move on sexually because of this « gindin ayu ».

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Another one is the one made with pigeons, as when you look at pigeons they are always in pairs and most times when one is away from the other either through separation or death, the other one dies also as he/she can’t leave without the other partner. This is used to increase friendship bond, physical closeness, and contact between you and your spouse.


The Shuwa Arab women from Maiduguri are masters in the art of making perfumes. Like the Senegalese, Malians, Indians, northern Africans and Arabians, they believe in the power of nice scents.

No matter how poor a woman is, her home and body is never without fragrance. Each perfume represents different stages of intimacy in your home. The man feels at ease, welcomed, pure and attracted to you and your home with the smell of those presumes. Depending on your buoyancy, you have perfumes for each special occasion, and time of the day, these fragrances are used non- stop during the day and especially at the time when the man is expected back home. It clears the head, brings calmness, spikes up your romantic nerves, and gives a feeling of warmth and love to the home and the woman. It draws her man close to her as wherever he goes, he cannot wait to go back to that sweet smelling fragrance.

The women even use it in their hair,no part of their bodies and homes goes without perfumes.

Little girls grow with these traditions and the male look up to having that special experience with their wives when married.

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To be continued

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