Wedding Cake Designs Trending in 2021

Wedding cake designs are important because they are like centerpieces at weddings. Wedding cakes symbolize sweetness and fruitfulness for the couple’s union.

Tasty and artfully decorated cakes are usually pricey but worth every penny. We usually recommend factoring it into your budget so you do not overspend.

With so many wedding cake designs to choose from, you may find it challenging to decide on the best one for you. We have curated over twenty wedding cake designs for you to choose from.

All of these designs can be used individually or combined. This means that your baker can use mix and match different wedding cake designs for your cake.

1. Flower Design:

This is the most popular type of wedding cake design you will find. Most wedding cakes have flowers attached to them. The flowers are usually of two varieties – edible or non-edible.

Edible flowers are products of fondant, flower paste or gum paste. Non-edible flowers are created from fabrics and plastic. If you don’t look closely, you may be unable to tell the difference between edible and non-edible flowers. Examples of flowers you can see on a cake are roses, peonies, sunflowers, eucalyptus and tulips.

2. Drip Design:

Drip wedding cake designs are just as popular as the flower design. Drips are long or short liquid streaks, made from melted chocolate or sugar that run from the top of the cake down (sometimes, from the bottom). Drips can be in any color. Some people prefer the dripping color to match with that of the cake. The drips can also be done with gold or silver lustre.

3. Lace Design:

Lace design, as the name implies is a wedding cake design in which the cake has a lace pattern around it. This lace which is made from sugar (sugar lace) is hundred percent edible.

4. Gold Design:

This design aims to create a shiny gold effect. It is usually achieved by brushing or spraying the cake with gold dust mixed with edible spirit. This is a wedding cake design that you will surely love. The gold dust can be in any shade of gold such as deep gold, rose gold or shiny gold.

Rose gold wedding cake design

5. Silver Design:

This is just like the gold design but in this case, it comes in silver. The silver color is a good way to add class and elegance to your wedding ceremony.

6. Naked Cakes:

Not so popular in the Nigerian wedding scene previously, naked wedding cake designs are fast becoming a trend. For naked cakes, there is little or no covering on the cake.

7. Fruit Designs:

These types of cakes have fruits as toppings. The toppings can be strawberries, blackberries, grapes or even their corresponding flowers. The fruits also hold symbolic meanings sometimes.

8. Geode designs:

This wedding cake design is a hot trend in 2021. For this design, the baker carves out a shallow part out of the cake. Afterwards, it is decorated with sugar sheets, sugar balls or tuiles.

9. Hand-Painted Cake Designs:

For this design, the baker hand paints images on the cake. This is an artistic and creative cake design. The painting is usually done with edible colors. Sometimes the baker traces out an existing image instead of creating an original design from scratch.

10. Calligraphy Design:

Calligraphy is the art of stylish writing. Letters or words are printed and written on the cake. They can either be meaningful words or random alphabets put together.

11. Stencil Designs:

Stencils are flat sheets of metal or silicone with patterns on them. Bakers use these sheets to create stunning patterns on cakes. The type of pattern on the stencil will determine the outlook of the cake. The variety of designs that stencils can create is wide.

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12. Wood Effect:

A wood effect cake done by a skilled baker will look like real wood. This wedding cake design is mostly for traditional weddings. Nonetheless, you can choose a wood effect for your white wedding cake.

13. Pillow Design:

The concept of this cake is from throw pillows found on cushions. This type of cake is usually shaped like a throw pillow. Pillow cakes are usually stacked on each other, starting with the biggest cake at the bottom.

14. Marble Effect:

The marble effect on a cake pulls off an astonishing look. It is a combination of colours made to fit into each other with a distinct pattern. It is a perfect wedding cake design we would recommend.

15. Glitter Design:

This design involves adding shimmer to the cake. To this cake, you can add edible stones, dragees, glitters and sprinkles to the cake.

16. Color Transition Design:

You can make this cake design in different ways. It depends on your preference. A colour transition cake works with various shades of one colour. For example, a pink transition cake may have a range of deep pink, pink, light pink and cream in this order.

17. Silhouette Design:

This is a classy wedding cake for 2021. A silhouette is an illustrated outline filled in with a solid colour(s), usually only black, and intended to represent the shape of an object without revealing any other visual description. These pictures are printed, cut out and put on the cake. These silhouettes often tell stories.

18. Minimalist Design:

Minimalist wedding cake designs do not say too much. They have very few designs to accentuate them. This design is for couples that believe that less is more.

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19. Dual Color Design:

This cake has two colours on it. Sometimes, the baker arranges the colours at the left and right sides. Other times, it could be up and down, or even diagonal. All of these depends either on the creativity of the baker or the choice of the couple.

20. Ruffle Design:

Ruffles are gathered strips of designs curled together to form a pattern. The ruffles can either be made from fondant or wafer paper.

21. Picture Cakes:

With picture cakes, you can select the pictures you want on display for your wedding cake. This wedding cake design allows you to tell a real-life story using pictures.

22. Ankara Cake Design:

Ankara cakes will have patterns on them. These patterns look real and beautiful. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you cannot go wrong with an Ankara-themed wedding cake.

23. Striped Cake Design:

Stripes can be vertical, horizontal or a mix of both. They add beauty to wedding cakes when combined properly with other cake designs.

24. Polka Dot design:

There are no hard and fast rules in pulling out a spectacular polka dot cake. You could choose a cake with circles of different sizes as dots. This will come out as beautiful as using same-sized circles.

Remember that you can touch up these wedding cake designs by adding two or more designs together. For example, a 3-tier wedding cake can have a ruffle design for the bottom layer. The middle layer can have a glitter effect while you lace the top layer with flowers.

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To know how to go about getting the perfect cake at a good price, you should read this piece on clever ways to trim your wedding budget.

Now that you are aware of the trending wedding cake designs, which of these designs would you try out for your wedding?

Did we leave out any design, tell us below.

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