10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Cake Baker

When planning your wedding that you have always dreamed about, there are a lot of things to consider and put in place to make sure everything is close to perfection and just the way you want it. Your cake is one of those important things to consider. Have you thought of questions to ask before you hire your cake baker?

We are certain that even if you might have given it a thought. You might not be sure of the type of questions to ask before you hire your cake baker to be absolutely sure that he/she is competent enough to handle the baking of your wedding cake.

Here are 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Cake Baker

What are my filling choices?

Why You Should Know: If you are looking for a fruity filling, like orange or strawberry, or even a heavier one like chocolate, based on the type of ingredients you want, will determine the difference in taste. Exotic options such as passion fruit, may be more expensive and you have to consider you budget too. So make sure you ask if using uncommon ingredients will run up the bill. You should avoid going over the budget as much as possible.

Some other common, less expensive filling ingredients that can also be used are: fresh fruits, mousses, buttercream or purees.

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