Who Should Be On Your Bridal Train?

YAY! Your wedding date has been picked; the preparations have begun; you’ve selected vendors to make the best of your big day. You’ve decided on the style of gown and matching heels, design of the cake and how many tiers, and so on. It is also important to start selecting those who will be on your bridal train.

The bridal train is one of the eye-catching events of any wedding ceremony. The term is mostly used for the bride and her bridesmaids; however, it is a term that originally includes: the chief bridesmaid/ maid of honor, the best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, little groom, little bride, page boy and balloon girls.

Recent times, however, has led to newer meaning and usage of the word and who should be on it. For context, the bridal train in today’s usage of the word usually involves who should be selected as a bridesmaid. Our focus is to ensure a full interpretation of what the bridal train is and who should be on it. This will include everything the word stands for originally as mentioned afore.

It is important to choose carefully when choosing those to be on your bridal train. These are people that are going to stand by you all through the wedding planning process. Your bridal train will be your support system, especially on your big day. You should only choose those who are  trustworthy and will always have your back.

Therefore, in deciding who should be on your bridal train, we’ve compiled a list of questions you must ask yourself before making your sister or BFF your maid of honour or best man:

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1. How large and expensive do you want your wedding to be?

This is a very important question because it will lead you to answer the next question properly. In most cases, the size of your wedding is a determining factor in how many people should/would be involved in your bridal train.

So, how many guests are we expecting? Is it an open field wedding or an enclosed hall wedding?

2. How many people do you want on a train?

As mention earlier, this question is dependent on how big you want your wedding to be. If you’re planning a small lawn or beachside wedding, you might not need anybody except your maid of honour and a page boy; but this is Nigeria, we like to make noise!

It is advisable to have fewer people on your bridal train for a small wedding. In all, we recommend between 3-8 people on your bridal training depending on the size of your wedding and what you aim to achieve.

3. Who should be your chief bridesmaid or best man?

The role of the best man and/or chief bridesmaid is one for an unmarried person. This automatically rules out that BFF or sister of yours who is already married. Yes! Think of another person!

This role is very delicate and important; therefore, you must find someone whom you can trust with your affairs, someone whom you can rely on. You’ll need someone responsible and has organisational skills because anyone occupying either of these roles will help you in your wedding planning process. This will relieve you of a lot of work and stress as you focus on your big day.

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The chief bridesmaid and best man are responsible for the bridal shower and the bachelor’s party. They are also in charge of gifts collection on behalf of the bride and groom; and are witnesses to the signatory of the marriage certificate.

The importance of these roles cannot be overemphasized and therefore whoever you’re assigning these roles must be up to the task. In most cases, it is advisable to choose a relative, your sister or your brother as the case might be. You can also consider a close cousin or a trustworthy friend who is up to the task and knows you well.

4. Who should be your Bridesmaid or Groomsman?

Having decided how large your wedding is, how many people you want on your train and who should be your maid of honor or best man, the next step is selecting who should be a bridesmaid and groomsman. Once again, the keyword here is “reliable.” Whoever you decide to go with must be reliable.

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are not just there to make your wedding party look colorful; of course, there is that. What’s more important is if you can trust them? Are they responsible? These people will largely determine how your big day will go.

Friends and relatives who will have your back at all costs are those who deserve a spot on this list. Remember the keyword, “reliable.” And responsible.

5. The Little Bride, Page Boy and Balloon Girls

This should be easy.

If you have married relatives or friends who have little kids, well, it is their time to shine!

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As I said, this is easy. Just talk to friends and relatives with little children to allow make use of your nieces, nephews and god babies on your big day. Of course, be ready to dress them up. Make sure you explain their roles to them in the easiest of ways they can understand.

Alright! There you have it!

We hope you enjoyed the read. You may also like 60+ Bridesmaids Dresses For You.

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