What To Do With Your Unused Wedding Gifts

Are you preparing for a barrage of wedding gifts coming your way soon? No matter how carefully you curated your wedding gift registry, you will most likely end up with a few random, unwanted gifts. Even if you get the urge to run screaming out of the room every time you look at the creepy wedding dolls your sister-in-law gave you, it’s still important to take the time to thank her for her trouble. No matter how seemingly heinous the gift, whoever bought it for you thought you would like it, and took the time to pick it out for you. They got it wrong, so what? You’re a grown-up. Take the high road, and write them a thank-you note just like you would for any other gift. So, be prepared to fire off wedding gift thank you notes as soon as those gifts get into your hands. 

Now, to the gifts….. Whether it’s a duck-shaped serving tray or baby items from the friend who must be hoping you have children as soon as possible, every newlywed couple has to consider what to do with the wedding gifts they didn’t ask for and will likely never use. I mean, you could store them in your closet or an empty room, but why take up all that valuable storage space? What if we told you there was a way to get rid of these unwanted items for good, and in some cases make some extra cash without offending the bad gifter all at the same time?



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Before you start to do anything, it is important to write a sincere thank-you note to the giver. This is wedding etiquette 101.

1. Swap It With Something Else On A Bartering Site:

Take a step back to the days of old by listing your unwanted gifts on a bartering site. There are quite a few out there that allow users to make trades with each other, so you can swap out your weird presents with stuff you want and need. While it might be a little more complicated than a simple buy/sell transaction, getting good at navigating bartering sites is one of those life skills that will likely pay off in the future. Here are a few options to look into if you’re interested:

If you cannot find any that helps, you can swap with another friend or neighbour. You must also be sure that the person isn’t in the same circle as the bad gifter. Also, ensure the gift item itself is not customized such that it is easy to identify or unusable by others. 

2. Sell It Online:

You can sell your unwanted gifts online to someone who will appreciate them! You’ll get money back that you can spend on something you want, or use to settle some of your wedding debt – if you have any. It’s pretty easy to find online buyers for anything from small kitchen appliances to handmade squirrel taxidermy. The internet is a weird, weird place, and if you need help traversing the world of online sales, check out our comprehensive how-to guide for new sellers.

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3. Re-gift It:

Have you ever gotten a gift and thought, “Well, this isn’t for me, but I know someone who’d LOVE IT!” This is your time to “regift”—in other words, pass on your gift to someone who will appreciate it more.

Of course, regifting isn’t always an easy task. It can result in a lot of hurt feelings if done carelessly! Only regift sparingly when you know the gift will be perfect for the other person, and never regift within the same circle of friends. If you follow these rules, you’ll be able to keep unwanted gifts out of your home and make someone else happy in the process.

Check out the Buy Nothing Project if you’re having trouble finding the perfect person to give certain things. They’re a worldwide social movement dedicated to connecting people who need certain with those who are giving them away. There are now more than 1,300 Buy Nothing Project community groups around the world, and we’d venture a guess there’s one in your area. Check them out and you can make sure the gifts you don’t want to go a good home, and maybe even find something you can snatch up for free!

4. Store It:

When all other options fail, there’s always the old standby: store the gift somewhere. In a closet, a garage, the attic—anywhere that keeps it out of the way. This method accomplishes your primary goal (getting the unwanted gift out of your hair). It also saves the gift for any potential future use. This is a great idea for things like small kitchen appliances. After all, you never know when your current blender will break!

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With these tips, you’ll be able to find a place for every wedding gift you receive— even if that place is in someone else’s home!

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