Mutual Feelings- How To Know If Someone Is Into You

Humans have certain attributes that make it difficult for their recipients to confirm mutual feelings.  Some people may come off as naturally nice and caring, while the other party may feel like it is a prompt to something more. A display of love languages can serve as a pointer. Here, we will show you six ways to confirm that your feeling towards someone is mutual.

1. Trust Level:

People show a level of trust around those that they like and even love. They have no qualms about confiding in you. People can sometimes be private about goings-on. Getting to a stage where he can open up to you is a sign that you are special to him.

Another way to measure trust is if he tells his friends about you. You can get this information from his close friends. When a guy is into you, he will tell others about his admiration for you and explain why he trusts and believes you are compatible. He would also seek the opinions of his friends and family.

When a female is into you, her friends will influence some of her decisions concerning you. Be on the lookout if they act friendly towards you. This usually means they approve of you.

2. Body Language:

If you are uncertain about the feeling being mutual, check out the level of physical touch. A person may act flirtatious towards you but most people do this around those they admire. Emotions cause people to want to touch you and feel your presence around them all the time.

Positive body language may be a sign of attraction towards the opposite sex. If someone feels the same way about you, the person may touch you to get your attention or to be sure that you are paying attention to them.

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If she is a lady, you may see her stroking her hair, adjusting her dress, making eye contact, opening up her arms towards you and touching you.

For guys, he could try to avoid frequent eye contact, adjust his outfit, stroke his beard (if he has one) and try to speak in a more sophisticated manner when he is around you.

Once you notice this, be sure that he is into you. This is one of the most important signs and you should take note.

3.  Spends Quality Time With You:

If he is into you, he would willingly spend time with you. Someone that always wants to be around you most likely has mutual feelings for you. For women, they can turn down a ton of men just to be with the one that they are truly interested in. Often, once a woman starts dodging dates with you or she comes up with many excuses that she is busy, you can confirm that she is not interested in you.

On the other hand, if she starts setting dates up to be with you and she does everything just to be around you, then she likes you. There is a popular saying that if someone values you, he will create time for you. This simply explains that he has moved you to the top in his priority list. No matter how busy he is, he will want sacrifice his time just to be with you.

4. Sweet Words & Pet Names:

When your conversations begin to move from formal to informal, it is a hint that he wants to get past the friend zone stage. He may start to add pet names like honey, babe, and dear to his hello. Look out for the way he introduces you in front of his friends or family. You can easily tell if there is something going on in his head. The ultimate way to confirm mutual feelings is if he says it in plain terms that the feeling is mutual! This leaves out every assumptions, misinterpretations and heartbreaks.

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5. Shows Genuine Interest In You:

You can get the hints of mutual feelings from the types of questions he asks you. He may ask for a full gist of how your day went, or the last time you watched a good movie. He may also ask about your love life and past relationships. A man in love can become jealous or overprotective when it comes to a woman they are interested in. 

One reason is the thought of losing you to someone else since he has not made his intentions clear. Another reason may be that he does not want you to share the attention you are giving him with someone else. He would most likely see other men as a threat to his feelings. This is a sign that he is interested in you. He engages you in conversations by asking different questions, bringing up various topics, and so on. He also wants to be around you, which is also a proven fact that when you are constantly together, you know more about yourself.

6. Acts Of Service:

Men can be nice and caring; especially when it comes to the women after their hearts. If you notice that he or she is always trying to ease you of stress, then it could be a pointer for mutual feelings. They will be available to help you out with things, keep track of your progress by asking questions and looking out for times when you need help. This is one of the pointers for mutual feelings.

Because you have feelings for him or her, you may find yourself volunteering to assist without anyone asking. After you have done this for a while, you may get tired because your crush does not return the favor. They can be acting that way because they think you are helping, as a friend should. You will notice that things get different when he begins to show concern about your wellbeing.

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All these points are important in analyzing his behavior to know where you stand. When put into effect, they can save you from embarrassing situations and help you find the relationship of your dreams. 

How else can you know if someone is into you? Share in the comments.

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