How To Write The Perfect Wedding Vows With Examples

wedding vows

Exchanging wedding vows is one of the most important parts of every wedding ceremony. It reminds everyone present including the couple of the solemnity of love and marriage. In recent times, more couples are creating their own vows instead of using the common traditional vows of the past, and we love to see them.

Your wedding day is your special day and the vows you share with your spouse should be equally special and heartfelt. It may appear a daunting task to craft your own vows, especially since you would be speaking them in front of the guests at your wedding.

So, we have created the perfect guide to help you write your own wedding vows:


wedding vows
Your wedding vows should be unique and heartfelt

Start with What Your Partner means to You

Your wedding vow is much more than a bunch of words that you say in front of people. It represents the past, present and future of your love. Try to articulate who your partner is and how much they mean to you. You can also make a list of everything that comes to mind when you think of your partner.

For example,

“David, you are the oxygen to my flames. You ignite my passions and leave me burning for more.”

The goal is to make your partner see himself/ herself through your lenses.

Include Important Details

Share personal details or moments that are important to both of you – things like how you met or your first impression of your partner. You can also include tidbits about your likes and dislikes, lines from movies or books that you both love and even lyrics from your favorite songs.

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For example,

“I was the one who could pull in all the stars above and lay them at your feet.”

Lyrics from The Moon and The Sky by Sade Adu

Personalizing your vows lets the audience into your world and also reminds your partner of how deeply entrenched they are in your memories.

Show Commitment

You are probably rolling your eyes at this point, lol – you are walking down the aisle with this person, how else does someone show commitment? What we mean by commitment here is the promises you make. Vows are synonymous with promises and your wedding vows should not be different.

Think about what you have always wanted in marriage and what your partner wants from marriage too and marry both.

For example,

“David, I will always be your peace. Through thick and thin, I promise to always stand by you.”

Making promises in your vows reminds you of the enormity of the decision you are making by getting married. It also serves as an anchor during the inevitable bad times, reminding you of how you started.


Decide The Tone

While your wedding vows should be a surprise that you reveal to your spouse on your wedding day, we recommend that you both decide on the tone for your wedding vows. Will it be steamy, romantic or humorous? You can also choose a tone that reflects both of your personalities. Whatever you decide, remember that exchanging vows is a memory that stays with you forever.

Be Emotional

If you are the type of person who is always hiding your heart, you might need to shelve that for a bit. Wedding vows are promises of the heart and would always carry emotions. We advise that you let your feelings play and allow yourself to be as corny as needed. This is not the time to form hard guy.

Let your feelings play

Don’t Leave It For Last Minute

With all the wedding preparations, you might be tempted to put writing your wedding vows on the back burner. We strongly discourage this as you may end up with hastily written lines that do not resonate with your partner. If you are busy with other things, you can set a goal and timeline for completing it and work on it within that time frame.

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Read It Out Loud

After completing your wedding vows, we recommend that you read it out to yourself so you can have a feel of how it sounds. And also note if there are any errors you need to correct. We also recommend reading it to a trusted friend or relative.

Start Writing Your Wedding Vows

Take note that your wedding vows does not need to be a lengthy paragraph. It could be a few lines of concise, heartfelt emotions. The most important part is that it speaks to your partner’s feelings and it expresses how you feel about your partner.

So what are you waiting for?

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