5 Smart Ways To Ditch A Date

Going on a date is a fun way to get to know someone new. It’s nice to enjoy a good meal, enjoy good company and end the night with a blossoming relationship or a solid friendship. On the flip side, however, not all dates are created equally.

While a potential boo may seem amazing online, they may be nothing like that in person. Through text and phone calls, it’s easy to mask the less than stellar parts of a personality. This is nearly impossible when you meet them face to face. So what do you do when the date is a total flop? 

That’s where those handy excuses come in. Sure, it’s not the nicest or best way to end the date after agreeing to show up and have a good time. But, nowhere in date etiquette does it say that a person has to suffer through hours of dad jokes and absolutely no chemistry. These are graceful ways to be excused from a date without seeming like a total jerk but also not sacrificing the evening in the name of being polite:

1. Get A Friend To Call With An Emergency

If you need an obvious, hard exit, nothing says “I’m leaving now” like a fake phone call from a friend or family member saying there’s been an emergency. Let’s be honest, it would be extremely obvious that you’re trying to get out of the date, but it doesn’t matter. After all, you’re not trying to win a Nobel prize in diplomacy.

2. Pretend to Fall Ill

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You have to set this one up early, the second you start feeling like you might want to bail. Eventually, your sickness will overwhelm you to the point you have to leave. Don’t be melodramatic, but give yourself a healthy migraine or nausea. If you’re a straight woman, pretend your monthly flow just started and it’s giving you the creeps. Menstruation freaks many dudes out so much that they won’t even question you.

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3. Accidentally Trip or Fall

For me, this probably wouldn’t be an accident as I am the clumsiest person on the planet. I have tripped and nearly tumbled so many times it’s ridiculous. And many of those times, I’ve injured myself a bit. Well, at least enough to leave work early. If you are out on a date that feels like the longest day at work ever, excuse yourself for any reason. You can use the classic bathroom excuse or, if you are at a bar, say that you are heading to order another drink.

On your way to or from, make it obvious that you tripped or stubbed your toe or something that is not going to hurt as bad as it looks like it did. If your date runs to your aid, tell them how your slight injury has dampened your evening and you’re just ready to call it and go home. Your date will feel bad that you hurt yourself and you will get to leave the dreadful date early.

4. Tell Them Your Friend Just Got into Town 

This is a believable excuse. If you want to play it safe and spare your date’s feelings, this excuse is your best bet. Friends from out of town are always a good reason to get out of any situation. S/He doesn’t expect you to leave your friend from out of town hanging out to dry. Sure S/he may give you a side-eye look for planning and scheduling your date the same night your supposed friend lands. But that’s none of their business.

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However, to make the excuse more believable, you can explain that your friend’s flight was delayed. And you weren’t certain when she or he would arrive. Or she’s pulling a surprise visit on you. Give him the whole spiel after you’ve been fiddling with your phone a bit so it appears as though you just got the “I’m outside of your apartment” text and then get out of there fast.

5. Be The Most Uninteresting Date

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For some people, making up an excuse to leave their date is just asking too much. It’s understandable as you are hoping that your date doesn’t inquire further or insist on rescheduling. Moreover, you just don’t want to seem rude. I get it. But, a bad date is a bad date. And you shouldn’t have to suffer through drinks, dinner and with someone you just aren’t feeling.

If you feel like making up an excuse, no matter how convincing and is just not your style, simply go with the boring route. Be the most unimpressed and uninterested date ever. Keep glancing at your phone and watch, sigh during awkward silences, answer questions in quick replies. Do everything you can to turn your date off. This will want them to bail on you early.

What other tricks have you used to get out of a date? Share with us in the comments.

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