Colored Roses Bouquets & Their Meanings

Roses can convey different meanings depending on their colors and how they are presented. Giving a flower stem or bouquet of roses to someone is no ordinary gift. A person who understands will interpret your message by the color of the flower you choose to send to them.

A single rose denotes love at first sight while sending someone two dozen roses means that you think of them every hour of the day. On the other hand, each color of roses also carries its own message – dark pink roses usually signify gratitude while yellow roses mean pure joy and happiness.

As you read on, you will understand the importance of understanding the language of roses and flowers in general.

If you are considering shooting your shot or constantly defending your goal post from shots; let these 13 different colors of roses and their meanings be your guide:

Red Roses

You can call them the most popular of all roses. They symbolize love- a deep romantic feeling. A love that encompasses all the emotions of desire and romance. For a wedding bouquet, red roses communicate that the couple love and respect each other and they promise to appreciate their efforts as they advance. It shows marital bliss.

White Roses

This is the grandest of all the rose types. They are often associated with weddings. Sending white roses to means that you are thinking about them; that they are in your heart. In other words, white roses represent remembrance. This beautiful color conveys peace, purity, unity and hope for the future. People use white roses in funerals. it is believed that an addition of this will cause the soul to rest.

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Ivory Roses

You can describe ivory as a slightly off-white color. This color stands for care which is void of romantic intentions. When you have someone’s good at heart and you want to let them know this, send some ivory roses across. Its presence emits calmness and wealth. Ivory roses represent grand style and expensive taste.

Peach Roses

Have you noticed some organizations deliver bouquets of peach roses to their staff? Why not a different color? This is because peach roses stand for modesty and gratitude. It is a great gift to someone if you want to communicate the right intentions. They do not pass two messages at the same time.

Lavender Roses

They represent ‘love at first sight’. So if you get these after a first date or a series of dates, you may want to pay more attention. Your admirer could be telling you that they fell in love with you since day one. This magnificent color exudes adoration and sincerity.

Purple Roses

Purple is a darker shade of lavender, which stands for royalty. For that special someone you call your king or queen, reiterate that flatter by sending in a bouquet of purple roses. They can also come in darker shades like mauve or plum.

Yellow Roses

You can exchange yellow roses with friends whose friendships you value. As you rightly guessed, this rose color depicts loyal friendship. It is a good way to let your friend know that you are happy with your bond. With a bouquet of yellow roses, you are saying that you are pleased with the efforts they invest in your relationship.

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Pink Roses

If you admire someone, say it with a pink rose. It could be the way they handle situations, smile at people, even the way they walk! Let them know that you are proud of what they have achieved. Pink roses also signify sweetness. If you know someone that personifies the word, ‘sweet’; gift them some pink roses.

Green Roses

Green represents growth, fertility and life. With green roses, you can tell someone how you feel about them; you can commend their growth and change. You can send this rose color to a recuperating friend, wishing them a quick recovery. At weddings and other special occasions, a bunch of green roses signifies fertility and fruitfulness.

Orange Roses

The color orange represents energy in its purest forms. Orange roses are lively and bubbly. They symbolize fun, confidence and enthusiasm. As cute as they look, they still maintain their sanguineness without missing the point. Just like green roses, you can present this to a recuperating friend, or use it as a backdrop in an energetic event, like sports. This rose color is also great for outdoor weddings.

Blue Roses

Blue roses represent mystery. It signifies lust – not necessarily love or affection. A stalker can deliver blue roses to their victim to convey their intent. On other occasions, it can mean an utmost desire for something or someone.

Black Roses

Just like blue roses, there are no natural black roses. Black roses do not send positive messages (depending on the way you look at them). A black rose colour means death. It could be the death of a loved one, the termination of a contract or the end of a relationship. It stands for lack, loss or the death of something or someone.

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Multi Colored Roses

These are also called Rainbow Roses. They embody a myriad of positive emotions ranging from happiness and energy to vitality, budding friendships and trust.  When the sender cannot correctly place how he or she feels, these roses will do the job. They only convey good meanings so you won’t get in any trouble. They can capture different messages at once.

Rose flowers that are a combination of two colors have their meanings as well. For example, a yellow rose with red tips means that a platonic friendship has grown deeper to the level of intimacy. For the recipient of a red rose with a black tip, well, you know what that means now – it marks the end of the romantic relationship.

Multicoloured Roses

Whether you are gifting someone flowers or trying to choose a bouquet for your wedding; you are now better informed on the best color of roses to choose. 

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