9 Types Of People At Wedding After-Parties

Asides from food, the types of people that attend your wedding are an important factor if you want a fun event. It is almost inevitable to have different types of people at your wedding. This is because your guests have their roles to play to make your wedding day successful and memorable. Apart from being witnesses of your union, your guests are there to celebrate with you and lift your spirits if you feel any down moments. They are also present so that they can appear in your wedding photos and videos. This brings us to the different types of people that you can find at wedding after-parties.

1. The Ones That Outdress The Couple:

It is obvious they came prepared to steal the show. From their dramatic dress sense to their gallivanting, you can easily spot them. Their geles are the biggest, fully covering the ends of Africa. Spot their glittering gowns long enough to sweep the dusty streets of Lagos. They rarely follow the wedding colour codes because they do not want to fade in the crowd. There is a reason they are asking for the bride’s personal makeup artiste. The dress styles they pick are deliberate. You can rely on their perfumes to leave a loud statement.

2. The Food Advocates:

Assorted drinks, peppersoup, Chinese food, small chops – submit everything to their table. Their eyes scan table after table to ensure a fair share of the bounty. To prepare well for your wedding, expect that these types of people will not attend alone. They will celebrate with you with their children’s children, brother’s wife’s uncle, and their neighbour’s nail technician. It will be a good thing that there is enough party rice to go round.

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3. The Ones Looking For Their Missing Ribs:

While some people are devouring chicken ribs, others are on the search for their missing ribs. They are persistently looking for their shine shine bobo or the lady with the skin like milk. This set of people believe that weddings are a good platform to find their heartbeat. This is because they assume that wedding attendees believe in true love; if not, why are they there? You will find the types of people looking for their better half looking their best. It is either they are adjusting their clothes or are redoing their makeup every other time. They came prepared, never to be caught unfresh. Every act is a strategy – dancing, spraying money, eating, and even walking.

4. The Ones That Take Pictures Of Everything:

They do not understand why you invited them to your party and hired a photographer/ videographer as well. You will always find them on their job – raising their devices and clicking away. They are either looking for who will take their pictures, or whose pictures they will take. They are ready to capture every moment with genuine love for the couple.

5. The Crybabies:

 Wedding ceremonies come with a rush of emotions, and crying can be a response to the way we feel. For the crybabies, they came prepared to cry. Some epic moments you can watch out for are when the couple exchange wedding vows, when it is time to kiss the bride and when the couples have their first dance. You will wonder if the ones crying are getting married alongside the bride and groom.

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6. The Money Geng:

With new notes flying in naira and dollars, you will know that they did not come to play. Money sprayers are in three categories. The first types of people are the ones that will spray ten notes in one hour- three minutes to spray, and fifty-seven minutes to dance and shout in the bride’s ear.

The next group is the moderate group. They spray what they have, give the bride or groom a hug or handshake, and walk back to their seats.

As you guessed, the last set is the Cubana set. They came with their literal money bags and spray guns, ready to tile the dance floor with money prints. You will also hear the MC hailing them while they spray on.

7. The Dancers:

They add colour to the wedding. They do not need a special invitation before they show their talent. Dancing can be either choreographed or freestyled. In a choreographed dance, the dancers perform an already rehearsed routine in unison. For a freestyle, dancers do not plan how it will go. Whichever way it happens, dancing is a fun exercise. This entertains the wedding guests, making it even livelier. It will be unfair to talk about dancers at weddings without mentioning the chair dancers. You may have noticed the types of people that will never stand up from their chairs to dance. They prefer to sit where they are and dance.

8. The ‘Work No Pay’ Wedding Planners:

You may have noticed the guests that move round to make sure everything is in place. They are proactive, always ready to help. Although sometimes, they may take this overboard. They have the keys to the hotel rooms, food and drinks store, and even the couple’s car keys. They are the ones that know which table the caterers mistakenly served twice. If you see someone directing the caterers and they are neither the official wedding planners nor the caterers themselves, congrats! You have spotted an unofficial wedding planner.

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9. Hype Men & Women:

They are mostly the life of the party. If you are looking for them, you can find them on the dance floor. They can shout, sing, and dance to motivate people. Happiness is a spice to a successful wedding. The hype men have lots of it. They can make your wedding reception lit.

Everyone is different, and this is why we can write about different people you can find at wedding after-parties. All of these people come together to add to the beauty of the wedding. Events bring memories you can hold, long after the celebration is over.

We hope you found this article interesting. If so, you are sure to love 5 types of money sprayers at weddings.

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