9 Tips For Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

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Going on honeymoon has taken the back burner for most newlyweds following the outbreak of Covid19. Travel restrictions and social distancing has forced new couples to narrow their focus in wedding celebrations.

Just like the potential guests that never made it to the guest list, honeymoon plans have been tossed out the window. However, more newlyweds are realizing how a good honeymoon can help their marriages start off on a great note.

Most couples undergo a lot of stress planning the wedding and on wedding day; and a honeymoon vacation allows them to destress and spend quality time together before resuming their new lives.

These arguments would do well when you are trying to convince your spouse that a honeymoon is exactly what you need (especially when you can afford it). However, bear it in mind that proper planning is the only way to achieve a stress –free getaway.

These tips will help you plan your perfect honeymoon:


Honeymoon destination
Honeymoon Destination

Create A Budget

The first factor that helps you decide on the destination and duration of your honeymoon is your budget. You need to conclude with your spouse on how much you both are willing to spend on your holiday. It is best to decide on this as you plan your wedding.

Costs of procuring visas and passports (if you don’t have one), flight tickets, accommodation, feeding and other activities you would be partaking in should be considered. It is also prudent to have an emergency fund factored into your budget just in case.

Creating and sticking with a budget on your honeymoon allows you to fully enjoy the experience without having to worry about money. Keep yourself updated on changes in currency exchange rates as the date nears, especially if you are considering a foreign country as your destination.

Pick A Destination

As mentioned above, your honeymoon destination is first determined by your budget. Make a shortlist of the destinations you can conveniently travel to on your budget. After this, decide with your spouse and agree on what your ideal honeymoon vacation should look like.

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You both may want to consider something that resonates with your interests or go all out and try something new. Visiting a nature park that offers activities like hiking may be a good idea if you both enjoy the outdoors.  No matter where you pick, make sure that it is somewhere that you both will enjoy exploring.

Research And Planning

Now that you have a clear picture of where you want to visit and what you want to do on your honeymoon, you need to plan. Do a thorough research on the destination you are visiting, especially if they speak a different language.

Is it safe enough to visit? Are there any ongoing political or crime issues? Is it a popular tourist location? What kinds of outfit do you need to pack? What payment methods do they favor? Do they have any custom or traditions that you should take note of as a stranger? How much will accommodation cost and how long can you afford to stay? What activities will you have access to?

You can also reach out to people you know who have visited these places or a trusted travel agent. If you can afford it, we always recommend using a travel agency. They usually have good relationships with hoteliers, restaurants and other stakeholders in the hospitality industry. Travel agencies can help you procure visas, book flights and accommodation and even arrange your transportation throughout your honeymoon.

If you are planning without the help of a travel agent, don’t just rely on the information you see online. Get in touch with the service providers via email or phone call and get all the information you need. Try to involve your partner in the planning process to prevent burnout due to pressure.

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Honeymoon destination

Get Your Paperwork In Order

You need visas, health insurance, medical fitness certificates and a Covid19 test result before you can travel to certain countries. While you are planning, try to get all the necessary paperwork in order to avoid last minute rushes.

In the course of your research about your destination, you must have come across all the requirements you need to travel there. Make sure you get your papers up to date. And don’t leave it for last minute.

Create A Bucket List

Always wanted to try Mexican food or ride a horse? Or perhaps dance in the moonlight to the sound of waves? Your honeymoon could be the perfect time to cross off items on your bucket list or even create a bucket list if you don’t have one. Think of how much fun it would be if you and your spouse created a bucket list together and spend your honeymoon striking items off that list.

Making a list of all the experiences and adventures you would love to have on your vacation helps you make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. It also makes planning your itinerary easier.

Prepare For Emergencies

It never hurts to be prepared, especially when you are away from your home turf. Before leaving on your vacation, give a trusted friend or relative the spare key to your home just in case of emergencies. Always have an emergency contact number – someone to contact in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Pack necessary medication if you have any health conditions and a first aid kit. We always advise having emergency cash stashed somewhere.

Sneak In A Few Surprises

While you want to stick to your budget as best as you can, some little surprises along the way is a good idea. We usually recommend that you allocate a portion of your budget for all these special surprises. It could be an unplanned spa treatment or some souvenir to help your spouse hold on to the memory. You can even plan these surprises with the help of the hotel staff or travel agency.

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Be Adventurous

Although, we always advise newlyweds on honeymoons to be security conscious at all times, it is equally important to be adventurous. Don’t get stuck up on being security conscious that you forget to loosen up and try out new things. The primary purpose of you going away is to help you relax and lose the stress from the wedding.

Allow yourself to be as free and adventurous as you can be. Don’t be afraid to try new things because they are unfamiliar or out of your comfort zone. Remember that your honeymoon experience is unique to you and you have the power to control how it plays out.

couple hiking on honeymoon
Nature-loving couple hiking on their honeymoon


Days go by so fast and before you know, your dream honeymoon is over. To help you hold on to these memories, we suggest that you document the vacation as much as you can. Take pictures and videos for you to reminisce with in later times. Journaling is also a good way to document event.

We wish you an exciting and fun-filled adventure.

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