8 Interesting Date Night Ideas

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Date night is always a big deal for most couples. Some even have a night every week set aside for dates and follow it religiously. Regular dates amongst other things are the much-needed spice for lasting relationships and marriages.

Couples’ Date Night has even become increasingly popular since the Corona Virus Pandemic broke out forcing billions around the globe to stay home. Couples either hold date nights alone in the comfort of their homes or together in groups with other couples.

At home or not, here are some fun ideas that you could experiment with for your date night. These ideas will definitely strengthen your bond and help you create more beautiful memories together. 

1. Cooking Together

Ever heard of the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth?” Well not in this case, because this cooking involves only two of you.

Instead of having one partner make all the meals or order takeout, how about you both try something different by both getting into the kitchen and getting your hands dirty? You could try out a new recipe and keep each other company by engaging in small talk while you cook.

To make it less tedious and more fun, you can order all the ingredients you need for the meal and have some of it prepped in advance for you.

Make it a proper date night by adding some romance to the scene with light music and candles as you enjoy the meal.

2. Movie Night

This might sound cliché, but trust us, it might be the next best thing that happens to your marriage. If you have kids, send them to your parents or their friends for a sleepover. Then you order food, pizza, and enough popcorn to last you for one night.

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Go ahead to pick out a movie you both like. It could be a classic, but make sure it’s a movie either both of you have seen before, or one none of you had ever seen. If you aren’t into movies, you could binge-watch your favourite shows or series on Netflix. Then throw in a large blanket and snuggle under it while lying on the couch. Oh, don’t forget to turn the lights out too! There, you have a date night.

3. Restaurant Tour

You can both decide to go on a mini-tour of restaurants on your date night. So you don’t end up overfed, you can start the evening with drinks at one restaurant. Then you could go ahead to have your appetizer, main course and dessert at three other restaurants. That’s four in one night.

Sounds fun, right? To make it even better, you can order something off the menu for your partner and see if they would like it and vice versa. This allows you to test how well you know each other.

4. Re-evaluate Your Relationship

This is very important. Sometimes, a date night is a time where you and your partner get to sit down and talk. You get to commend each other on the areas where you are doing well and point out things you both need to work on. Take time to relearn each other’s love languages.

To spice things up, you can do it over a walk either in the park or on your street. Make sure there’s no room for judgment, and make your partner as comfortable as possible so they can speak freely. This will no doubt bring you closer and make your relationship better.

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5. Make Tik Tok Videos

Well, Well, Well! Don’t you want to be the next famous couple on Tik Tok? You can spend your date night making videos. Get dressed in different costumes and join different challenges on the app. Who knows, you just might grow a teeming fan base and show the world how madly in love you both are with each other.

6. Games Night

What’s a date night without games? You can never go wrong with them. We have to admit that we all need that moment that makes us feel like kids again. You can either go-cart racing, do karaoke or play board and card games. You can even throw in a little dancing competition. To make it even more fun, you can have other couples come over, then all play in the backyard. Throw in a little barbecue and round it up with ice cream or your favourite dessert.

7. Have A Sip And Paint

This would bring a lot of laughter into your home. Get canvasses and paint and get painting. You don’t have to be a Picasso. None of us is. Just pick an item and paint. You can also paint a part of the house to create memories.

Asides the fact that this is a great date night activity, it also allows you both to explore your hidden talents and bring them to life.

8. Go Somewhere New

It could be the museum or a football game or an art gallery. But just step out of your home for a little change.  Make sure, however, that you both love wherever you choose to go.

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If you’re looking for ideas to spice up your love life, then you should definitely try one of these. While you are at it, make sure to take tons of photos. You can even make it into an album to keep your special memories forever.

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