6 Ways You Are Ruining Your Wedding Rings


 Don’t ruin your wedding rings. Let us help you!

Yes! You read that correctly. Some things you do regularly can destroy your lovely wedding ring. 

Wedding rings are symbolic in the profession of our love to our partners. A wedding ring is a ring is a symbol of matrimony. and the history of wedding rings dates as far back as the Egyptian civilization. The Egyptians believed that the vein in the ring finger is connected to the heart. They believed that wearing a ring on that finger is a sign that their beloved is held close to their hearts.

Wedding rings are usually made of metal and/or precious stone; bronze, gold, silver and, in recent times, diamonds. Asides the aesthetic value of wearing a ring, wedding rings symbolize a lifetime of commitment, loyalty and matrimony to your partner. 

They are quite delicate in nature as they are mostly made of metals which have the tendency to oxidize when exposed to air or water. Although most wedding rings are made of non-reactive metals like gold and silver, a lack of proper care can ruin them. In this article, we will highlight six ways you may be ruining your wedding rings out of ignorance. Pay rapt attention:

1. Not Cleaning It:

Not cleaning your ring regularly can damage it. By cleaning it, we are not talking about that wishy-washy exercise you call cleaning. We mean taking your wedding ring to the jeweler for a proper polishing which leaves them shiny.

It is also important to note that not all jewelers are experts at polishing jewelry. Make sure you use one that comes highly recommended for the job. You can do a Google search on jewelry cleaning services around you. Take care to check their ratings and reviews before making a final decision.

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2. You Work Out With Your Wedding Ring On:

If you’re fond of wearing your wedding ring to the gym to ward off guys or ladies hitting on you, you are hurting that innocent ring. We know that wedding rings stop all forms of nonsense. You literally just need to hold up a hand and the whole world can see that you are taken.

News Flash! You have to find another way to avoid unnecessary talks and catcalls at the gym because hectic workout routines such as weight lifting and boxing can damage rings. They can scratch, disfigure and ultimately damage your ring.

Playing sports such as swimming, tennis, badminton, wrestling, football, basketball, etc., with your ring on can expose it to sweat, water, dust, scratches, among other things that can ruin and damage your wedding ring.

Your best bet is to take it off while working out.

3. You Bathe And/Or Swim With Your Wedding Rings:

Taking a shower with your wedding ring exposes it to harsh chemicals in your soaps and shampoos that can ruin them. If you also thinking you’re killing two birds with one stone by having your bath with your ring on, we are here to tell you that constant exposure to water can damage your ring.

You are also doing damage to your ring when you don’t take it off before you hit the pool. Chemicals used in cleaning the pool can damage your wedding ring.

4. You Wear It While Doing House Chores:

Another mistake you’re probably making is cooking and doing house chores with your ring on. Note: Your ring is not indestructible.

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Take it off while doing chores like cooking, laundry, washing the bathrooms, gardening, etc.

It is easy to lose your ring while doing house chores such as cleaning, washing and even cooking. You could mistakenly flush it down the drain or toilet. Chemicals used in cleaning agents can also react with wedding rings and cause damage.

It is best to keep them somewhere safe until you’re done with those chores.

5. You Have Not Insured Your Wedding Rings:

Anything can happen and wedding rings today are expensive than in previous years. Your wedding ring is probably one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry you own, and it is always a good idea to have it insured. 

It is not our prayer that you lose your wedding ring; however anything can happen. Make sure your wedding ring is insured against loss, theft and any form of damage. If your wedding rings are fake sha, you don’t need to worry about this.

If it’s made with gold or silver or diamond, make sure the insurance comes with a good warranty policy.

6. You Are Not Storing It Properly

How and where you store your wedding rings after a long day’s work is also very important as this is a quick way to ruin your ring. Different types of precious stones and metals should be stored separately. This is because they all have different properties. An opal ring should not be stored in a diamond ring box, this could cause damage to your opal ring. Diamonds are hard gems, opals are not.

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