6 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be quite challenging, especially if you want to give them something memorable.

Women deserve to be celebrated every day for the role they play in our homes, workplaces and society. This year’s Mother’s Day celebration is a good opportunity to remind the women in our lives of how much they mean to us. 

If you are still racking your head for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for your mom, sister or woman, here are some ideas for you:


It is very hard to find a woman who does not like jewelry. If she is not the bracelet and wristwatch type, she definitely fancies a good pair of earrings or a simple necklace. Scan through her jewelry collection to get an idea of what her style is and add something similar but unique to her collection.

When choosing jewelry for her, try to choose a piece that resonates with something she likes. For instance, if she has a fondness for puppies, getting her a brooch shaped like a paw would make her really happy.  If you are working with a large budget, you can even have jewelry commissioned with a simple engraving of an inspiring Mother’s Day quote.

The best part of gifting jewelry is that there are always choices no matter the size of your budget.

Picture Frame

How many times have you paused to study a framed photograph on someone’s living room wall? Sometimes you even find yourself comparing the people in the picture to their real life versions, pointing out how they have changed.

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Pictures help us to relive moments as often as we want. With smartphones being able to take good quality pictures, hard copy photographs are starting to go out of style. However, everyone still appreciates a nice picture frame. It could be a set of three to five miniature picture frames that she can put in her office. To score extra points, you can print out some of her favorite pictures and scribble a sweet note on the back to go with the frames. This is a Mother’s Day gift that would always bring her pleasure every time she looks at it.

Human Hair Wig

If you’ve been paying attention, you would know that bone straight hair is a sure way to a woman’s heart. Human hair wigs have recently become a favorite among Nigerian women for their notoriety to switch a girl’s look from zero to hundred. These custom wigs that come in different textures have saved one too many ladies from bad hair days. Even if your woman is a naturalista, this is one Mother’s Day gift she would surely appreciate.

Gift Vouchers

All women are not the same but they do have one thing in common – shopping. While every woman has unique interests, they all enjoy spending some money on their favorite things. It could be makeup, beauty products, clothes, shoes, perfumes or even plants.

Instead of racking your head about what to gift her for women’s day, you can purchase a few gift vouchers from her favorite stores and empower her with the gift of retail therapy. You can even get her a food voucher from her favorite café or restaurant.

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Home Appliances

Women are always juggling household tasks with work-related tasks and sometimes, raising kids. This explains why they are always looking for ways to save time on daily tasks. A food processor, air fryer or any household appliance that would make her life easier will make a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Technological Gadgets

Now is a good time to gift your woman with that phone she has been saving up for. Wireless earbuds, smartwatches and wireless chargers are also great Mother’s Day gift ideas. If your woman is an entrepreneur or someone who creates content, a phone stand will also make a good gift.

When choosing a Mother’s Day gift, it is important to focus on who you are choosing the gift for and what would resonate with them.

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