5 Ways to Force Your Partner to Propose

At some point in one’s life, dating and being in a relationship would no longer be enough. That is the point where you become ready to take your relationship to the next level, to tie the knot. The problem that usually arises out of this often is that partners do not have the same timing, and that conflict of timing usually puts a lot of strain on the relationship. Simply put, sometimes you just have to force him to propose.

On one hand, there is a partner [usually the woman] who thinks that there is nothing more to do than to get married. To her, a lovely 2-year-old relationship like the one she has is mature enough to progress into a marriage. There is love, care, compatibility and all there is to see. There is no need for a delay any longer. On the other hand, the other partner [the guy most times] wants to wait. His timing still allows him to wait a little while, say one year or two. There is no need to rush, he believes. The relationship is good, but the conditions for marriage, especially the financial aspect, has to be perfect. Life is beautiful. He has a lovely woman to whom he is dedicated, he has all he needs, but thinks he still requires just a little more time before he moves into marriage.

In summary, she is ready, he is not. Here are ways you can force your partner to propose to you:

1. Let Him Know What Kind of Ring You Want

Let’s be honest here, most guys are clueless about jewellery. They have no idea what to look for when it comes to an engagement ring. If you want to be happy with his choice, don’t let him take matters into his own hands. It’s always best to make things easy for him and to ensure you’ll be engaged sooner rather than later. Let him know exactly what kind of ring you want.

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Now, don’t bug him down with all the details. You can simply send him the photo of a ring that you are absolutely in love with. He will be able to use that ring as an example when he heads out to the jewellers to make a purchase. If you can eliminate the hassle of him choosing a ring that will make you happy, he’ll be much more open to proposing to you. You just made his job that much easier!

2. Make Decisions Without Him

Another subtle way to force your partner to propose is by feigning miss Independent. Make decisions without informing him. For instance, you can go out and buy a brand new car without letting him know. Or apply for a house loan all by yourself. It just has to be something major that he would never expect from you. Just make sure it’s something you can afford (we don’t want you going broke all in the name of getting your guy to propose).

Once he discovers you did something without his input, he will be shocked by your newfound independence. This will make him think that you don’t need him, and your life will carry on with or without him. If he asks you why you didn’t consult with him before making such a big purchase, you can casually answer with, “Well, you’re not my husband, you know.” He’ll probably be fuming mad, but it will push him to want to seal the deal!

3. Drop Hints

You want to force him to propose, yeah? Then you must also learn to be diplomatic. Don’t pressure him by going straight and asking him when he will marry you. You don’t want to do that. What you rather want to do is drop hints for him. For instance, talk about your friends who just got engaged as often as you can. If your hints aren’t working and you know that nothing should be stopping him from asking you to marry him, then a conversation can be had; but to start with, we recommend dropping subtle hints here and there. 

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From these hints, you want to either get him to propose or to naturally strike up a conversation on marriage. Ensure he initiates this conversation on his own accord. This will take the pressure off him. You don’t want him thinking you want to force him to propose.

4. Communicate

The truth is that situations like this happen all the time, especially between partners who have been dating for a few years. In some other cases, you don’t even have to date that long before you feel ready enough to take the next step. Communication is one way to deal with this. When you see no reason why you both shouldn’t marry and yet he keeps dragging his feet on commitment, you have to ask what the problem is. Reason with him and see what his reasons are. Then decide if those reasons are logical and reasonable enough to warrant the delay.

Some men have been known to lead other women on for so long while planning to marry another, you would need to decide whether you have enough trust in him, and the luxury of time to wait on him; or if you think he’s just unduly wasting your time. It is very difficult, but far better to move on from the undue delay and the uncertainty rather than sticking there when your real desire is not being met.

5. Give Him An Ultimatum To Propose

Blood and fire! By fire and force!

When that time comes and he is not willing to take the plunge with you, one way to let him know you are not messing around is to give him a deadline to make up his mind. Yes! It’s time to force him to propose. This is not desperation. It is taking charge of your life and happiness. If your maximum time to date is one and a half years and it’s been over that time without him making moves, you have to let him know that he has six months to make up his mind. If after six months, he’s not saying anything, be ready to move on.

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This is necessary because of guys who are only looking to waste your time. Some have no qualms proposing but just need that prodding to do so. Most importantly, it is called taking charge of your life.

But be sure that you are asking for a commitment from a man who cares about you, someone with whom you have a good friendship and relationship. Make sure you are asking for a commitment from him for all the right reasons and not because you are being pushed. If you are not ready, no need to force it, no matter how long the relationship has been. Ensure you are doing this on your terms.

By combining all of these and putting them to use, you’ll be sporting a shiny and sparkly engagement ring in no time!

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