16 Bridal Beauty Secrets For You

Paying attention to little details makes a lot of difference when planning your wedding. Following these bridal beauty secrets will help you look your best before, on and after your wedding day.

Featuring advice on skincare, makeup, nails, jewelry, color coordination and the actual planning of the wedding; these 16 bridal beauty secrets will help you show up on your wedding day as the drop-dead gorgeous beauty you are. Keep reading to unravel them:

Early Preparation Is Key

Starting preparations early gives you time to sort out all the necessary things. It allows you book appointments with vendors and meet up with them before the wedding day where necessary. This also allows them ample time to prepare for the event.

Book A Spa Treatment

An important bridal beauty secret is to start getting your skin ready for your big day at least one month before. If you notice dark circles, flaky skin, wrinkles, and acne or dark spots on your face, you can book a session with a beautician to recommend some products for you.

Skincare specialists usually recommend a series of spa appointments and products for you to use at home. They can also throw in a full body exfoliation and massage a few days to your wedding. Exfoliation helps you remove dead skin cells and reveal glowing skin while a massage relaxes your mind, body and soul.

Opt For Complementary Colors

Differences in skin tone affect how certain colors look or feel on people. For example, red lipstick might look better on a light-skinned bride compared to a dark-skinned one.

This is why you should take your skin tone into consideration when picking colors for your wedding day. You should also consider the color of your outfits, nails, hair and accessories, bearing it in mind that combining too many colors can appear gaudy.

A major beauty secret is to balance things out with neutral colors such as black, beige, taupe, ivory, gray and some shades of white. You can implement this in form of your makeup, nails and some accessories.

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Choose Your Wedding Dress Wisely

Wedding dresses are of different types to suit different body shapes. Finding the perfect silhouette for you is an important bridal beauty secret. The different body shapes are as follows: athletic, tall and slender, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass, small chested, and petite. Corset styles flatter natural curves while ball gowns enhance the hip volume. Avoid loose-fitting dresses that threaten to tone down your figure. You can also check out 50+ Sensational Wedding Dress Styles for inspiration.

sweetheart wedding dress with jacket elizabeth and lace bridal
Bridal Beauty Secret – Choose the right wedding dress

Decide On The Right Hairdo

bridal beauty secret the right hairdo
The right hairdo is one of the most important bridal beauty secrets

Will you wrap your hair up or let it cascade down your back? Or you prefer to walk down the aisle rocking your natural hair?

Whatever you decide, accentuate your look with the right hair accessories and earrings. If you are opting for an updo or your natural hair, you may consider a pair of comfortable statement earrings while simple pieces are more suited to long, flowing hair. See also Beautiful Nigerian Bridal Hairstyles.

Keep your Makeup Artist Handy

Your motto on your big day should be “Never to be caught unfresh“. To achieve this, keep your makeup artist close to you for an easy touch-up. No doubt, you’ll be engaged in a lot of physical activities which has the tendency to make your makeup run.

Your makeup artist should be by your side, touching up your powder and freshening your lipstick. When booking a makeup artiste for your wedding day, ensure that you both discuss and agree that they will be staying with you throughout the entire event.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking at least two liters of water in a day aids digestion, assimilation and excretion. What’s more? This simple beauty secret makes your skin glow!

You can also spice things up by infusing fruits such as watermelons, pineapples, lemon slices etc. in your water to improve the taste and for added benefits.

Be Selfish With Your Make-Up Artist

This may come across as a weird beauty secret but it works. Allow your beautician to focus their creative juices on you. An overworked makeup artist will not deliver the best work.

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It is advisable to either get a separate make-up artist for your train or ask your makeup artist to come with assistants for others who would like a face beat.

top bridal beauty secrets
Flawless Bridal Makeup Look

Say No to Glum Nails

Either for your hands or toes, avoid nails with dull colors or shapes that do not fit your fingers or toes. It is a bright day. Show this with your nails. Go for glitters, stones, shimmers and everything classy.

beauty secrets beautiful nails
Classy Nail Art For A Bride

Test New Products Beforehand

If you will be wearing a pair of contact lenses or false lashes for the first time, it is advisable to try them on before your wedding day. This boosts your confidence by clearing your what-ifs and helps you prevent unpleasant surprises. By knowing how they look and feel on you, you can decide if you can rock them or not. Beauty is also shown in the way you carry yourself.

Aim For A Uniform Skin Tone

Be sure to blend your face with your neckline and dècolletage, and perhaps your upper back (if it is bare). The plan is to achieve a natural look with a thorough professional blend. Always choose a makeup artist who knows this bridal beauty secret.

Do Not Rush

Make sure that you are at your appointments on time, even on your wedding day. The reward of this is a perfect finish for your hair, nails, and face. Give your stylists enough time to do their work. Although working under pressure is a professional characteristic, working without pressure always produces better results.

Eat Right

If you are in good or optimum health, it reflects in the way you look. You need food for strength and nutrients for fresh skin. Food supplements are also a good addition to food (not substitutes). When you eat right, you reduce your body’s susceptibility to diseases.

Use Clean Make-Up Tools

Bride or no, this is one of the most important beauty secrets if you want flawless skin. Ensure that you only use clean brushes and beauty blenders on your face. Failure to comply with this can lead to breakouts and other skin reactions. Dirty makeup tools can transfer germs to your skin.

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It is always advisable to have your own set of makeup tools, especially if you are using a professional makeup artist. Wash them at least twice monthly by soaking in warm water and mild soap for a while, then rinse off and leave to dry. In addition, make sure to patch test makeup products prior to used on your face are mild, considering your skin type.

Get Enough Sleep

There are certain skin defects that no amount of make-up can conceal unless you sleep them out. Sleep keeps your brain in order and allows your skin to repair damages such as sloppy eye bags or dark circles. Get as much rest as you can because it helps to improve your facial appearance.

Stay Positive

It is important to stay mentally healthy. Do not imagine that everything will go wrong. If you are not convinced about a purchase, clarify. If you are not satisfied with a design recommendation, suggest yours. Do not overthink. Leave that to the people you have paid to do so or to your friends and family. Trust that everything is under control, and handle things with that mindset.

These 16 bridal beauty secrets are necessary only for brides who are ready to pull off a gorgeous finish.

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