Article Submissions

You have something you want to share with us and the world….streamlined to the kind of content our readers would enjoy? Naija Cupid Weddings is open for article submissions and for everyone who has a story to share with us. Your article can be about anything at all, so far it relates to our content.

You don’t have to be a writer before you send us a post, if we like it, no matter how it is, we would make it better and give you credit for it, so don’t fret, we are open to the general public, Though we do have rules to submitting a post and getting it featured.


Your post must be original, that mean it must not be copied from any other place online. Naija Cupid Weddings does not support plagiarism.

Our Preferred length for an article is 800-1200 words but an article can be between 300-3000 words.

Correct use of language is important as the article must be well written (we are not saying you should go all Wole Soyinka on us oh). We are just saying your articles shouldn’t be written in shorthand e.g dat(that), u(you), hw(how), wknd(weekend).

However, vernacular is allowed. If you feel you would express yourself better in Pidgin English, please carry on as we don’t want to tone down your creativity.

If you are to submit a serial post (its too long to be posted once) it must be at least 500-800 words for each serial post.

Articles should as much as possible refrain from the used of profanities.

We would not publish articles that are on the internet already elsewhere i.e personal blogs or magazines or have intentions of publishing it elsewhere after being sent to us. We are very keen on creating 100% unique content.

Kindly attach a picture if you can and have a title for your post, this would assist us to know exact where your post should go in our layout system.


Posts that are too strongly directed to a particular religion, race, ethnicity or sex would not be published.

We would publish a sex themed article but we would not if it is written as a pornographic story.

We encourage you to send in your articles but we cannot assure you that it will get posted after it has been reviewed by the team.



To submit an article, kindly email us at [email protected] with your article attached as a file or written in the mail. This is for article submissions only. If you want to submit a wedding, kindly mail us at [email protected] and for enquiries and questions, mail us at [email protected] or make use of this contact form.

Once you have sent us your article, kindly give us at least 72 hours for the team to review and get back to you. If you don’t get a reply within 5 days, then please mail us again. We would confirm if your submission was accepted or rejected and you would be notified when it is published on the site.

We thank you for considering us.

Team Naija Cupid Weddings